What we have here with ONPASSIVE is the best business model in the world built with hearts, love, and integrity. Not only can you do business with yourself by leveraging yourself, but #ONPASSIVE will also set a New Standard that all other corporations will copy and will start treating their staff like real humans and better. All you have to do is participate, and the company does the rest for you. How better should it be again..??

Also, remember that the commissions you will earn won’t be falling from the sky or will come across from another team. The commissions will come from your own team. Why only wait for the company to be bringing you three months when you can also leverage yourself?

Now that the founder’s fee is still $97, take another look at the ONPASSIVE business model and start leveraging yourself.

Having 10, 20, or 100 accounts is not greed at all. It is leveraging you. If you open 10 accounts under your first account and then fund those accounts at the launch of ONPASSIVE, you will be earning commissions from those 10 accounts under you on day one. That is smart and the power of #ONPASSIVE.

If you cannot bring in people to join your team now but can afford the money to open several founder’s positions, go ahead and do just that with confidence to leverage yourself… Don’t play small. Play Big; Think Big, and Far Ahead.

Get It Done… WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT… 100% X 100%