It is quite apparent that connectivity has become a seemingly inescapable commodity that also seems to get more user-friendly and much more diverse.  This is in large part due to the near-universal use and availability of mobile devices, along with the increasing use of voice services and smart devices.  When you add virtual and augmented reality to the mix, well… that Dylan song comes to mind, “You’d better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times they are a’changin’.

Getting what you want when you want as fast as you want, in all of its glory as either slight or profound, is reshaping the habits of the generation.  A large majority of us are accustomed to the instantaneous activity.  Online commerce comes to mind.  I mean, I was purchasing computer components from an online auction house in the 1990s. Today, with purchasing done instantly by a tap, swipe, or click, shopping and connectivity are 100 times more powerful than it was back then and we can get just about everything from a single, massive seller. Of course, now there is also a voice command. You should see my six-year-old granddaughter just about wear herself out trying to keep up with the “Hey Google” playlist she dances to.

The point is, we now have the capability to purchase whatever we want, whenever, wherever, and however we want.  And guess what determines the path a shopping adventure takes from beginning to end. It’s the ability to get what we want as smoothly, or as effortlessly, as possible across our chosen platform or channels.  There are so many sellers’ products that we have immediate access to that we, as consumers, demand loyalty or we’ll go elsewhere; sometimes pretty dog-gone quick.  

And this brings us to the heart of ONPASSIVE-land, and I do mean heart.  ONPASSIVE is a movement pushing the leading edge of thought and technology that is causing a shift in the online marketing paradigm. We are not like the masses that play catch-up when it comes to adopting new technologies; we are the new technology.   And the savvy entrepreneur…  the smart business owner… looking for immediate access to everything they need… and then some… need to look no further.  ONPASSVE’s total internet solution with AI automation is the first of its kind. With a completely integrated eco-system of tools partners, applications, suppliers, and customers, ONPASSIVE have it all.  And all means all. This smart business solution provides everything [you can imagine you need] under one roof to start, maintain, and expand online businesses for a price you can’t find lower anywhere on the planet.  This system, which is cutting edge and literally pays its user, is supported by the four main pillars of automation, tools, traffic, and residual income.  And this is why the online marketer looking for loyalty, and so much more, will find a home with us. Because this is the future. So, whatever you think you know about ONPASSIVE… it’s probably 100 times bigger, better, and faster than you think it is. And it’s probably time you joined the 1%.  So, come feel the love.  Click the links to see what a shift in your reality feels like.