5 Pillars of TEAMWORK

Teamwork is the most crucial and fundamental aspect of running a successful business. However, did you know that nearly 85% of all employees find it quite challenging to work on teams? It is primarily due to inevitable frustrations with the teamwork, the lack of appropriate team working skills and even apathy towards certain group building activities.

Even though it is quite difficult to control who all your team members are, you can manage your teamwork attitude. It is essential to learn how to create the most beneficial team environment for your business to function effectively.

#1 Encourage Honest Work Culture

There will be constant disagreements with your teammates, and this is quite normal behavior, as long as the entire process is done constructively. The most significant benefit of working on a team is that you have various people to weigh-in on ideas and address issues, which can improve your overall troubleshooting process.

It is crucial to create a high culture of giving out constructive and empathetic feedback. By doing this, you enhance the overall diversity in perspectives, as you are not going to agree with everything that your teammates have to say!

By simply giving out constructive feedback, you provide others with an idea of where you are coming from & allow you to collaborate on a better idea together effectively.

 #2 Acknowledge the Strengths and Weaknesses of team members

By merely acknowledging your team member’s strengths and weaknesses, you validate all of the hard work and efforts which your team is putting into their practice. Thus, giving out a compliment from time to time will prove beneficial to you and your business. 

Even though we want all of our employees to continually learn new things, there is always a tight deadline or resource shortage, allowing people to acquire more magnificent skill sets. The most significant benefit of working in a team is that people can easily step into areas where they are more reliable and focus on their strengths. 

It’s crucial to know and understand that you are not trying to impress anybody, and neither does anybody expect you to know about all aspects of a particular topic. You must be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, especially with your team, as you will be working with them daily. 

By simply being more honest about all your strengths and weaknesses, it is essential to learn how to help each other out in the best manner possible. 

#3 Manage Time and Improve Productivity

Time management is the most essential & crucial aspect of managing your team. It is mainly since the more team members you can get on your side, and it will compound in nature.

Teamwork allows employees to use their time knowingly significantly, and by delegating the right tasks to the right people, you are maximizing their efficiency. You must allocate your team members to work and use their time in the most responsive manner possible. 

Delegating the right tasks to the right people will help your entire team work most effectively! You can also work in tandem with your employees in testing out ideas, and even swapping ideas will help you get the best quality work out in the quickest manner possible.

Taking advantage of the increased productivity will help you take on challenging projects together as well!

#4 Creating a Safe Place for Taking Risks

Team environments are made incredibly secure to make sure that your risk-taking as a team is manageable. Your employees and team members must also be aware that you have their back in the case, things ultimately backfire! Only taking advantage of safe space will help you present bolder ideas, think outside the box, and execute more creative actions.

 #5 Ensuring creativity through conversations

Creativity is incredibly crucial for teammates in creating new and innovative ideas, as it is ultimately the best process of taking advantage of your surroundings. It is essential that you continuously encourage conversations, particularly among team members, and it can be done either through brainstorms, meetings, and even lunchtime discussions. 


By merely having a positive mindset with your team, you are ensuring yourself towards success. Improving your teamwork efficiency, ensure success for everyone in the organization!