Vision for a Better World

Like our fearless leader CEO Ash Mufareh, all of the founders are clear on the mission. To free the people of the world and give them the resources to transform their lives and the lives of their progeny, we share the opportunity, not for greed, but to provide a chance for those willing to change their lives. Are we anxious? Yes, but we must be patient. Rome was not built in a day; ONPASSIVE is a long term project. Be positive and watch the growth. Get excited each day as the number of dreamers grows. We are all dreamers. We’re dreamers with a vision for a better world not controlled by the rich and powerful. We have power beyond belief, not to control but to be a force for good. We don’t need violence because we have love in our hearts. Nothing is stronger than love, and that is the foundation of this company. God bless all of you.