Businesses aspire to drive traffic to one's website and blog postings. Th efficient means to accomplish it is through voice search. If you are not doing so, then you are missing an edge over competitors. 

Customers seek quick and easy means of implementation and gain prompt results. Voice search has become common nowadays. Things have turned easy, right? You need not even type the keywords for your search results, and you just need to talk over the device and derive the expected results over the web in a moment of time. So, one needs to focus on voice search implementation for optimum benefits.

How does voice search work?

Voice search uses artificial intelligence to recognize the voice and pass the query to the search engine optimization to derive the relevant results. Though it has emerged long back, it has gained significance during the recent time. 

Voice search technology has become a part of almost all mobile devices. Thus, people can access them handily to know any information on the web. 

Even televisions are live examples of voice search. AI has spread across various business domains playing a significant part in accomplishing the tasks accurately and instantly. 

SEO strategies for voice search

How are SEO and voice-over related? Let us know about it below:

When a user types a keyword on the search page, Google analyzes the query and understands the user's results. Based on this, the best and the relevant results are shown to the users. 

The way we speak and write is different regarding the keywords used in the Google search. Suppose we would like to find the nearest theaters close to your place, the typed keywords maybe like the nearest theaters, while the voice-over could be something like what are the nearest theaters from my place? The typing includes keyword search, while the voice-over is similar to a human conversation. With the voice-over search, article text has to generate quality content and one's experience.

How to optimize voice search?

Statistics have revealed that voice search usage has increased by 8% during September 2018 and the initial months of 2019. 

Key guidelines 

  • Design the website to meet the needs of the local people. 
  • Include the elements and information according to the local tastes
  • The website information should include the local keywords 

Here are the few key points for best-implementing SEO for this purpose. 

  • Landmarks around your business location
  • Local schools or colleges around your businesses
  • Including phrases such as 'close by' or 'near me' in the meta description or the title 
  • Common and prominent phrases people use in the local area

The local people are more likely to make sales, who can immediately come to the store physically or book the order online by voice search. 

ONPASSIVE’s voice over AI feature

ONPASSIVE is an AI-powered organization that has a handful of AI products to meet various business domain requirements. Managing HR activities efficiently and effectively is significant for the seamless workflow of any organization. 

How about a tool that can help manage HR activities efficiently? ONPASSIVE's O-Staff is an HRMS tool enabling AI voice-over features. The tool is designed to implement cost-effective HR operations. Leave tracking, analysis, reporting, knowing employees' performance, payroll integration, and employee training are significant aspects of the tool. The AI voice-over of the tool enables one to check holidays list, leave information, and organization's information. 


In these modern days, we find voice search features across all the devices. SEO plays a prominent part in increasing website traffic, and the role of voice search is significant. Artificial intelligence works similarly to the human mind to understand conversational language in a better way. And, ONPASSIVE is rich in delivering effective AI solutions.