In my last two jobs I didn’t work even 2 months. Why? 

In both cases, for health reasons. At first, I was working as operator car painting and was worked by isopropyl alcohol. Second time, I was working in a very dusty environment and I have a dust allergy. Next? Of course: ONPASSIVE

Why am I writing it here? Well because with ONPASSIVE you don't have to solve these situations (problems). 

Each situation is either a lesson or a gift. When we view on problems as something wrong, we become a problem. However, when we view our problems as only situations, we can easily solve the situation. :-)

You no longer have to work as a production operator. You can work in peace of your home just a few minutes a day.

We can do homeworking because artificial intelligence will do everything for us.

The major economic crises recur every 80 to 90 years. Why? Because man is an uncontrollable creature and forgets. 

How long does a person live? Yes, most often 80 to 90 years. And the last biggest crisis was in 1929. Now, it is just 90 years and therefore the next, much worse will come within a maximum of 2 years.

The economic crisis may come in the coming years and car manufacturers may lose orders. There may be too much inflation (hyperinflation), but again, the founders apply the following. We will not have to deal with this situation.

Every economic crisis means a large regrouping of wealth.

Successful people can take advantage of this opportunity.

Successful people can use it greatly.

Poor people, on the other hand, lose some money and become even poorer.

You no longer have to work for any boss. You no longer need to get up every morning with the sound of an alarm clock or rooster. Your boss at work no longer buzzes you. You will no longer complain that your accountant has not counted your overtime or the percentage of the extra charge for your night or weekend work.

You’ll have your own PRIVATE SYSTEM and SUCCESS for all life.

Artificial Intelligent Technology creates the future of global developments.

Let us work daily and let us not slow down. Start appreciating your time. 

The ratio changes, wasting less time and earning more.

Start slowly thinking about how you will help our planet Earth when you have enough money in a few months.

Yes, in 2020 you can help maybe "only" one non-profit organization, plant 100 new trees or buy 1 hectare of rainforest and save it from being transformed into a palm tree plantation.

But in 2021 you will be able to help 10 a non-profit organizations, plant 1000 new trees, or buy 10 hectares of rainforest.

When we come together, we achieve great things.

Where will we be in 2022?

What big things can we do in 2025?

Let's think about it now and make a list.

Aren't you still among us?

I personally urge everyone to join and share our way in this conception. ONPASSIVE is everyone’s ticket to success! Experience what we feel, the fundamental change, and the alternation of our future with unlimited income.

Let's go further, even higher, up to the stars. :-)

For people who believe in Mr Ash’s vision, their dream will come true. :-)

Join us. Seize Your Dream, Don’t Miss the Express Train to your Success