Productive Workday

Every day you get up from bed, you remind yourselves to be more productive that day than the previous day.  Right? We all want to do more in less time. We know what we want to do, but are unaware of how to do it and where to start? But then, we know for a fact that boosting productivity during a workday is easier said than done.

Every human has struggled to fit in a productive day’s work. But with some tricks, tips, hacks, and change in habits and behavior, we can extract more from any working day. Here. We have collated a list of tips and tricks that will unleash your productivity and efficiency on any given workday.

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Plan It Out:

As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. So, get a plan ready to beat the plethora of distraction and interruption coming your way. Plan for each moment of the day with intention and purpose. As rigid, it might sound, the rewards are all worth it. Planning strategies is like laying the foundations for a productive workday.

Value Your Time:

You realize those guilt-ridden moments you have had after wasting precious Time by doing anything but the most pressing tasks. That feeling is sickening. Value your Time by guarding it jealously. Achieve your goals set for the day wisely by developing a habit of saying a simple ‘no.’ After all, Time is the only thing you cannot buy. Time is the most precious asset that, if unguarded, will be stolen.

Know Yourself:

You are your best judge. Understanding your natural temperaments, tendencies, and patterns will help you plan your order of performance. You could be a morning person where you are at your productive best in the morning, or you could be an afternoon person where your performance is optimal in the afternoon. Avoid working against yourself and plan accordingly. Having a hang of your biological clock is crucial when it comes to productivity as well.

Follow the 80/20 rule:

Employ the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule to scale up your productivity. By this, 80% of your results and productivity comes from 20% of your work – the work you do best and most efficiently. Read Know yourself to relate. Focus your effort and attention on what you do best during your best hour. Take specific steps or activities that you need to achieve your result in a small number of activities, making the most significant difference in the ability to meet your result.

Design, Prioritize and Schedule a to-do list:

Follow the timeboxing method. Timeboxing means every minute is accountable in your schedule. You decide to dedicate how much time you want to spend on each domain of your life.  With a to-do list made up for the day, scheduling tasks at important, urgent, unimportant and non-urgent classifications, you can determine a productive workday.

Some habits help too. Be proactive, Think ahead, set goals, devise a strategy for achieving those goals. Try finding methods that work for you and take control of your time.

Sleep Increases Productivity:

Want to be at your productive best? Get rested. Reward yourselves that quality sleep to stay healthier. Having adequately rested, your memory, cognitive function, mental sharpness, creativity, collaboration, and getting along well with others will be ship-shape and allows you to be alert and attentive. It is enough to squeeze a productive workday.

Eventually, how you structure your most productive workday depends almost entirely on you. Always knowing yourself helps you in the long run.  It is essential to know your strengths, weakness, limitations, distractions, motivations, and priorities. Knowing how to leverage and improve those areas to your advantage gives you higher productivity, efficiency, value, purpose, and meaning.

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