Rebuild Your Confidence and Business

Effective Marketing: Confident about your products and services, but don’t feel the same about your marketing prowess? Never mind, you are not the only one who feels uncertain about the effectiveness of his marketing tactics.

This is because you are trying to replicate what your competitors are doing. You could very well be following their ineffective marketing tactics that will create little or no impact on your business growth. An ineffective marketing strategy is discouraging at any time but is crushing especially when you are trying to come out of a tough phase marked by a pandemic like COVID and a global economic downturn. There is no time and resources to waste on failed marketing efforts. 

It’s high time to rebuild your trust and your business. Follow these steps to rediscover the confidence and conviction you need to ensure success in your marketing efforts in the COVID reign.

Stop Over Comparing Yourself to Your Competitors

If your business decisions are influenced by your competitors, then it’s difficult for you to be confident in all types of situations particularly in circumstances of uncertainty. Over comparing yourself to competitors makes you feel like you can never measure up to them. You also lose sight of what ‘success’ means for your business. For instance, you might be thrilled to close 50 deals a year — but it can be disheartening to know your competitor closes 50 deals a month, even if it’s an established organization with a large team. So, instead of striving to be like another brand, fine-tune your marketing strategy and focus on building the best version of your brand.

Re-define Your Brand Adjectives

Conducting a self-audit is a great way to understand how your brand fits into the market. Determine a few adjectives that represent your business’s core values and assess all your marketing activities through the lens of those adjectives to ensure that your messages are on point. It is highly important that your marketing is conveying the exact messages and creating the exact image of your brand that you wish to create in the minds of your customers and prospects.

Restructure Your Content Strategy to Align with Your Brand Adjectives

Once you’ve defined your brand adjectives, you can start creating core topics that can be continually rehashed on your website, email marketing and social media. As you create new content around your brand adjectives, you’ll notice patterns and discover topics that help drive the most traffic to your website. Knowing what works and what doesn’t, builds confidence in you and helps develop an effective marketing strategy. This, also makes it way easier to plan and generate content. Instead of getting confused about picking topics every day, you’ll be able to look at your strategic categories from which you can develop content over and over.

Leverage Your Network for Support

If by looking at your ineffective marketing, you are feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. It’s a common reaction from businesses across the globe that are shaken by the pandemic. Rebuilding confidence and restructuring your organization in a chaotic market doesn’t need to be a solo project. In fact, joining hands with peers can be mutually profitable to lift everyone’s spirits and drive the industry at-large towards progress.

Don’t Be Hesitant to Ask for Advice

If you are finding your business in an epic struggle, call a trusted friend, or advisor and get/her best advice. Often an unbiased opinion works wonders and helps you look at problems differently, overcome them and accelerate your business growth.

Rebuilding confidence is all about your mindset. While you must take the necessary steps as mentioned above to hone your marketing approach, you also need to spend some time with yourself and give efforts to improve the positive spirit in you and your employees and set achievable goals that motivate you to move forward.