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The word gratitude is a Latin word gratus, which mean pleasing or thankful. If we go deeper, it just a feeling of thankfulness. Probably an easy word but it has a profound impact on all. Showing gratitude does not just end there but it fills the recipient with a feel of being appreciated which can lead to numerous positive influences which can in turn bring about great changes.

Specific: Gratitude may be towards someone or something specific for those who do something good for us.

General: Gratitude is a warm feeling towards the world or a goddess for having everything in life.

Being grateful towards the goddess have seen in several world religions like saying grace before meals in a Christian concept.

What is the right time to feel or express gratitude?

It’s not a complicated question. The one who will have applications every day and feel extremely difficult to resolve, mainly if there is a clash between how you feel, how you think, and how politely you should behave.

Why gratitude works?

Why gratitude has such immense and transformative power in business? It segregated in two aspects.

1. Building relationships:

Every entrepreneur feels like their business as a heart and so personally invested in their business to impact the world. If a company is like cold, cutthroat, and lacks in any personal interaction, it can be replaced by understanding business as an individual. In this modern world, business model shifts from transactional to relational, then the gratitude also emerge as a business skill and life skill.

2. Relations be strong when people feel heard and valued:

People will stick to relations if they feel that you are very much cared and valued for them. It applies to life and business mainly for transaction-centric definitions of success for something more profound and long-lasting. If you want to sell your products or services, you should give your people excellent products or services. And now, if you think to establish an ongoing relationship that creates a way to repeat business with potential customers who also praises you to their family, friends and the world through social media then make them feel that they are matter to you.

How to practice gratitude as a business skill?

Are you ready to boost your entrepreneurial journey with the power of gratitude? Below are the six keys for you to understand how to practice gratitude and appreciation as a business skill. 

1. Be personal

If you want to be grateful, send a handwritten thank-you note or a gift to the specific person. Here is an example, one client has sent an amber acorn pendant along with a thank note writing on how the other company has helped her to grow her business from an acorn into a flourishing and robust tree.  

2. Be clear:

Be clear to whom you want to thank, how you want to thank them and when you want to thank them. There are some situations where we can plan thanksgiving as if someone interviews you on their podcast. So, it just emerged into the way you do business. 

3. Be generous:

You can say thanks to the speakers who speak to your organization or those who go above and beyond. If you express more gratitude towards them, the richer your relations will be with them. 

4. Be consistent:

Make sure to have a policy and set a process in place to thank people throughout the year. Create a thoughtful and creative gesture of thanksgiving as a part of your strategy to make your relationships healthy. Make gifts ready and mailing supplies to go so that you won’t bother to send a note or gift.

5. Be public:

Recognize other’s efforts, contributions, and victories and highlight them on social media posts, blog posts, articles or through emails to your subscriber. 

6. Be strategic:

Make sure you will be more strategic and give a branded gift to whom you want to give so that it may position you well in the receiver’s eyes. Think once to thank entrepreneurs and business leaders who share their expertise as guest contributors to many programs and masterminds by giving a thank you note and a box of tea. Just think creatively and make a strategic and genuine gift that shows gratitude to make relations stronger.

How gratitude help your business? 

Gratitude helps businesses to build a strong and collaborative relationship which is helpful for business growth and success. A pretty good byproduct of these successful relationships can increases opportunities to drive organizational success. Confused how? Great people can attract others towards them and positively influence others to help them, supporting their decisions and unexpected open doors. , we can say that others appreciate them and build trust in their business.   

Even gratitude can build resilience. Here comes how? You create stability when you appreciate the things that come from your experiences and make you towards the visions we set for ourselves and the business. Also, it allows them to learn and find out the opportunities and grow as individuals, as leaders and as a team. Hence practice gratitude as a business skill to achieve success and business goals. 


Heartfelt gratitude and personal creative gestures will go a long way in building business relations that never last. Do you want to look for a straightforward thing that you can do today to create a real and lasting impact on your business? Then thank someone.