Brand Reputation

With the advent of the Internet, the user population has widely gone up. There are 7.7 billion people in the world, and nearly 45% of the population is online. One-third of this online population is on social media. And it’s surprising to know that there are more than 800 social media platforms. A great number of social media sites are much more popular than others among specific population groups.

Thus, for an online marketer, it’s a very challenging task to monitor their brand mention on all these existing channels. Keeping a track of all mentions and responding or tracking negative mentions manually is a very difficult, time-consuming and tedious task. By the time a marketer would take action, the negative brand mention might go viral which usually does.

Adopting Artificial Intelligence for Smart ORM

Thankfully, we are in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), where machines are created with self-learning, analyzing, deciphering and self-responding capabilities.

It is the time when a small or large business should adopt automated data visualization techniques to build sophisticated data stores and advance algorithms to analyze various online content.

Let’s discuss how ORM strategies could be integrated with enhanced AI features.

Faster Online Customer Service and Existing Customer Retention

It’s always exhausting to be on call with a customer support team for a general query or to report an issue.

But as a company, you can provide a better experience to your customers through Artificial Intelligence presented to the online user in the form of Chatbots. These bots are designed to enlist all expected queries which when selected, display answers or a solution the customer is looking for. Impact – a faster resolution to customer’s pain point and an impression of being a professional customer service organization that not only cares about customer’s issues but also cares about their TIME.

Identification of Channels to track Brand Mentions

As we mentioned earlier, there are many platforms which are growing with focused groups regularly discussing their personal experiences and also influencing other community members with their opinion and choices. Such groups could be a boon or curse to a brand’s image on the members who might or might not chose your brand further.

It is essential that such platforms are regularly monitored via Artificial Intelligence. AI helps a business to identify customers who are either complaining about products or services offered to them or might be appreciating or showing satisfaction for the same, or could be posting fake news with an intention to harm the brand’s image. It is necessary that negative comments are addressed with a resolution or acted quickly so that such comments do not impact a brand’s online reputation. And customers posting positive comments should be contacted to provide testimonials.

AI triggers the comment or a post to the customer service team to respond with a customized response on all the channels for each of their brand mentions.

Understanding Customer Needs and Personalizing Offers

As per data, 74% of consumers feel frustrated when the content they receive isn’t personalized and the same is considered as a Spam. As well as, Internet Retailer found that 80% of consumers take positive action when they receive recommend products based on previous purchases, thus increasing ROI for the retailers.

AI plays an important role in identifying the stage of a customer in the buying process. Email is sent accordingly with personalized content to different customers. AI analyzes customer behavior and tracks their interests to understand what the customer is searching for and if the customer is ready yet or not. Then it customizes the content with the message personalized as per the customer behavior. Customers who receive personalized service delivery are often likely to share positive feedback online.