Virtual team building

Looking to strengthen your remote team?

Seeking more solid team collaboration?

Virtual team building is a fabulous and effortless way to improve team communication, productivity, trust, and cohesion.

But over the years, we’ve discovered that remote team building is much complex than in-house team building. When everyone in your team is never in the same room together, you have to take a diverse approach to build your company culture.

Fortunately, virtual team building activities can be super productive in promoting employee retention, happiness, and productivity. And remote team building doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, both with aspect to time and cost.

For this post, we’ve included 10 virtual team building activities for remote teams. We’ve searched the internet for virtual hangout ideas and driven on our own experience too. All of these remote team activities are easy to execute (few of them are automatic), and some are absolutely free.

Online Office Games

Expediting virtual team building has unusual challenges, and so you may want to have a different company do it for you. Here are a few examples of the remote team-building choices available. First, Online Office Games, which is a suite of online games, including exercises such as spreadsheet pixel-art, typing-speed races, and print-paper origami. You can also perform remote employee engagement activities like virtual games, storytelling workshops, and training, such as what are the best practices for running meetings, communication, and giving feedback.

Virtual Campfire

The experience includes icebreakers, haunted historical ghost stories, and little competitions. It’s wildly smart, fun, and apparently the best online camping activity in the world. No mosquito repellent required.

Before your event, tiny campfire sends every person on your team a small pack with materials like a small candle, team colors, and matches. Getting stuff in the mail is lovely, and your people will really appreciate it. This activity will create good vibes, unique shared memories, and engagement at your business.

Remote Storytelling

This method includes the story shortening, Five Elements of a Hack, and more fun team activities. Storytelling is an essential skill for a wide variety of roles, from sales reps to marketers, to HR, leaders, managers, and much more. These training workshops will encourage your staff to higher levels of performance and productivity, and even provide you remote team meeting plans for your organization.

Tea vs. Coffee

Developed mainly for remote teams, Tea vs. Coffee promotes an exotic coffee and tea tasting event with real beverages. The company sends every employee a care pack with a mix of coffees, specialty teas, and infusions. The activity is educational, fun, and global-minded. All coffees and teas are sustainably brought in from farms with Fair Trade practices.

Encourage an ecosystem of open dialogue and ideas

Managers who proactively support communication will have the most success in developing culture. Share your thoughts with the group every day. Work-related or not. Develop a channel for sharing ideas. Whenever a member comes across an inspiring video, work-related article, or just an exciting thought, they can share it in the channel and initiate a discussion.

 Stay accountable, build trust, and get work done

Team culture is most powerful when each member is committed to doing good work. They should be responsible, trustworthy, and prepared to work hard. Trust is developed by teams who understand they have each other to count on and inspire every day.

Have regular team meetings and chats

It’s challenging to maintain a team when communicating through text messages and emails. Video is the number-one replacement for your face-to-face meetings. Arrange video conferences to go over essential projects, update teams on development, and include any material that’s best done visually.

Pat on each other back for a job well done

Acknowledgment is a crucial factor in personal confidence and employee happiness. Working remotely doesn’t offer equal opportunities to give a pat on the back and shake hands. It demands a bit more creativity to show recognition. Point out achievements when engagement is high. Phone conferences, video conferences, and chat rooms are the best options.

Inspire team members to share videos, GIFs, pictures, and music

The most reliable virtual team-building exercises are an act of sharing. Office space enables employees to gather around a desk and watch a funny GIF or video when they please. Remote teams can have these experiences, too.

Schedule meetings to discuss personal goals

Goal setting is the foundation for successful teams, irrespective of physical location. Set aside time to review goals during a phone conference every week. Everyone discusses their goals for the week, where they stand on current projects, and what to do next.

Upgrade your current virtual teams to boost performance with proven team-building strategies that are immediately applicable and tailored to improve your team’s current abilities.