Email Marketing and Its Advantages

Email marketing has been in digital marketing turf since a long time. But perhaps its efficacy has been a matter of debate since its initial stages. While some vouch for the personalized connect that a business can establish with its customers, others still argue about the numerous unopened mails that go directly to thrash.

But if we are to believe the marketing gurus then, email marketing does have its many ups that the other channels do not offer on a single platform. Let us delve into the intricacies of email marketing and discover its untold secrets.

Easy segmentations

Email databases are easy to come by in the market on the payment of paltry sums. You can get targeted datasets that ensure your mails are reaching the right audience. This way you are ensuring a higher ROI with the fact that you are reaching out to the target with possibility of higher open rates. However you need to be cautious when you get your email list they may actually end up sending your mails directly to spam.

Multi-tiered objectives

Email marketing gives you the feasibility not just to reach out to the right set of audience but engage as well. With emails you can enhance your brand awareness, engage, convert and build a relationship to nurture loyalty.

Instant reach out

With the many tools that is available in the market like ONPASSIVE’s O-Post, emails now can be sent out in a matter of minutes. This gives the advantage to a brand to announce an offer and inform a whole lot of the prospective customers about the brand and the product.

Are your emails delivering the right response?

Just drafting an email and sending out to a whole database of prospective customer email IDs is not enough. You need to ensure that your emails do the job it is intended to. So how do you make it possible for your emails to deliver? As a digital marketer you would need to know how to optimize your emails to ensure that they are delivering the right objectives.

Optimizing your emails

Keyword optimization related to your business niche obviously is an understood fact. But would adding the right keywords be an enough reward for your audience to open the email and take action? Obviously not.

Subject line and sender details

When it comes to emails the subject line and the sender ID is the first identity or the first brand display that you put forth. This has to be compelling and valid, then only with will attract some action from the recipient.

Subject line

There are various subject line testing tools that help to identify the right word count and optimize it. Many email posting tools too come with analyzers to ensure you have the right draft on hand. Subject lines need to be short, personalized and informative.

You need to tone it according to the audience category that you are targeting. You cannot take a casual approach when your audience is the upper business class but you need to make it casual and trendy when your audience is the lower age groups.

Sender details

The sender details come in handy here too. I personally do not open mails when I see that the sender does not have a dedicated brand email ID but is using a Gmail or Yahoo ID. When as a business you have your own business mailing ID you reflect greater validity of what you present. Many mailing platforms, like OMAIL gives businesses the advantage of having dedicated email ID that carries their brand names. If you are a business and you do not have a dedicated email ID yet then you need to look into it right away.

Email body

Now of course the main content of the email does matter. Images do add a certain oomph factor to your emails. But many images take your emails directly to spam due to the size issue. So how do you you make compelling email bodies without reaching the spam box?

30KB is usually considered as a safe size to go by for a good email. It is a good idea to avoid risky words that scream SPAM; like Offers, Win, lucky, prize, etc. Try to be direct and informative with the content that you give with a proper text to image ratio. Check the links you give. Ensure that the links lead the readers to legitimate sites only.


Email marketing once had the market captured. But that is no longer the case. With social media in the picture and other messing apps that make communication easy marketers have a lot of choices on hand. However email marketing still remains a dominant player in the marketing field. The statistical data available in the market may not be giving the actual numbers but it is needless to say that email marketing remains one of the foreplayers.

If you are a business and driving to boost your sales and brand awareness then email marketing strategy is a good step to take and reach out to the right audience group.