Email Marketing Loyalty Campaigns

It is always a practical choice for businesses to retain their existing customers rather than acquire new ones. As a report by Bain & Company has found out, a mere 5% improvement in customer retention can result into a 95% increase in profitability. There is a direct connection between customer loyalty and the profit share of an enterprise. 

Thus, your business needs to have dedicated email marketing loyalty campaigns to reap customer loyalty benefits.

This article sheds light on some viable yet straightforward ideas to create email marketing loyalty campaigns for the retail sector. 

1. Redemption campaigns 

Redemption campaigns are the ways by which businesses can reward their customers by offering them some points. The points promotions help you engage customers with your brand as it’s exciting to find lots of points in their account. 

A loyalty program should appear simple and effortless to customers. However, a redemption campaign as part of a loyalty program seeks action from the customer end. Customers need to take appropriate action to redeem their points. Thus, base redemption campaigns help increase the value of points stored in customers’ accounts over time. 

For instance, Indigo increases the value of loyalty points by sending its customers ‘Plum Rewards’ in an email stating their points balance is ‘topped up. Such an approach persuade customers to engage with a brand. Also, by providing limited time for availing the offer, you can ask customers to redeem for a larger reward if they make another purchase. 

You can generate automated emails to send reminders about the reward expiry. Such emails can serve the purpose of a loyalty program as they can effectively garner customer’s attention. 

2. Generating reward expiration emails 

Reward expiration emails create a sense of urgency among customers that they may miss on exciting sales vouchers or gift coupons. Your customers will take note of such emails if offers are that exciting. 

However, make sure that you are generating reward expiration emails well before the expiry date so that customers get enough time to take action. 

Also, do not miss adding some extra incentives in such emails, as it needs to be worth the customer’s attention

3. Appreciation emails

Your loyalty program without appreciation emails would be incomplete. Appreciation or thank you emails foster positive customer relationships. 

Most of the established brands appreciate their customer’s loyalty at least once a year. However, you thank customers for different reasons and make them feel valued. Such email campaigning will result in increased repurchase and subscription rates. 

You can add a heartwarming note from the CEO or offer them a discount coupon on future purchases. Using video and animation can also be very effective in expressing gratitude. 

4. Special perks to top customers

The top customers are the customers who are making a consistent purchase and spending a large amount of money with you. Don’t they deserve special treatment? They certainly do! 

You can consider offering special status in terms of categories- gold, platinum or diamond. Or provide them with some exclusive offers such as sending them an invitation to special events or offering free shipping. This would make them feel that they have earned this status and help you retain them in the longer run. 

For instance, the brand Sephora rewards its top customers who satisfy a purchasing threshold. They offer VIB status to such customers. 

You can consider different metrics to categorize your customers into the top customer list, such as sales volume, order frequency, among others. 

Concluding Thoughts 

It’s rather a wise decision to equip yourself with campaigns and practices that are helpful to retain your loyal customers. Email marketing as a part of a loyalty program is an effective way to build and foster a relationship with your intended customers. Through email marketing, you can exhibit your products or services the right way and add value to your campaigning practices.