How To Overcome Most Common Email Marketing Challenges?

One of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience is through email marketing. It’s also one of the most common methods for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to expand. In fact, the ROI for these types of marketing is expected to be much more satisfactory than other marketing types.

Email marketing remains relevant and effective because:

  • It has an impact on purchasing decisions.
  • It increases the number of visitors to a website.
  • It is both cost-effective and profitable.
  • It increases the number of leads.

Although marketers can now reach clients via various channels, email remains the most effective. While the tools are increasingly varied and widely available, the way you utilize them has evolved. It’s critical to invest in a good email marketing plan to increase engagement, brand exposure, and conversions. 

One can never run into email marketing issues by creating and implementing the right method. However, communicating the appropriate message necessitates a great deal of planning. You must also consider some of the most typical issues that email marketers confront on a daily basis, such as low open and click through rates.

Despite our best efforts, the email marketing campaigns don’t always perform as well as we expect. We sometimes find it challenging to keep our audience interested. And then sit back and watch as our engagement metrics collapse. We send email after email, only to discover that they’re going straight to the spam bin, and we’re not even putting our valuable information in front of our readers.

Therefore, marketers need to be careful, beware of various email marketing challenges, and implement the right strategies for a successful campaign.

How To Overcome Most Common Email Marketing Challenges?

There are many moving pieces to track and optimize when it comes to email marketing. As a result, we face several difficulties.

The following are some of the most prevalent email marketing issues and solutions to overcome these challenges:

1. Dropping Deliverability Rates

The key challenge with deliverability is gathering helpful information for each contact and keeping track of it. Emails sent in email marketing efforts, whether automated or manual, may not always reach the intended subscribers or readers. 

The quantity of emails you send to your target audience versus emails that make it through inboxes and promote open and click-through rates is known as the deliverability rate. On the other hand, Bounce rate is the percentage of emails that do not make it to the inbox.


  • Manage your email list regularly: You can use marketing tools such as CRM like Salesforce to track the metrics created from audience information, refresh inactive contacts, and maintain the list. You may also employ a salesforce marketing cloud professional to assist you with your contact list management.
  • Permit contacts to change their contact information: It will be much easier to keep your information up to date if you give your consumers the ability to alter their information, such as their email address, phone number, and other details.

2. Inappropriate Mobile Optimization

Have you ever wondered why the engagement rates of your mobile audience are decreasing? Most of your target audience now uses mobile devices; thus, optimizing your emails for mobile devices is a no-brainer. You must increase mobile optimization to make your email campaigns a success and improve your consumer experience.


To overcome this difficulty, you must deliver a seamless mobile experience with responsive email designs, optimized photos and videos, and functional links. 

Other suggestions include:

  • From mobile to desktop, test your emails. 
  • Keep your information crisp and to the point.
  • CTAs should be compelling.
  • Pre-header and subject content should be appealing. Pre-header or preview text should  not be more than 40 characters long.

3. Spam Complaints on the Rise

Do you get a lot of spam complaints from your target market? This is a challenge that every email marketer faces. The increase in unsubscribe rates is primarily due to irrelevant information. Even if you provide fascinating and valuable material, you may not entice your readers.


It is critical to find a long-term solution to this issue.

  • Allow your subscribers to choose their subscriptions and modify their selections.
  • Allow your readers and visitors to change the frequency of your emails, newsletters, and promotional emails.
  • To continually improve the outcomes of your email marketing strategy, provide prompt help and listen to the voice of your target audience and subscribers.

4. Poor Click-through Rates (CTRS)

If your emails aren’t getting enough clicks, it’s either because your content isn’t engaging enough or your website isn’t getting enough traffic. Even if your open rates are good, they don’t necessarily imply the success of your email marketing strategy. Determine the difficulty of getting your items or services, as well as your website, noticed. Here’s how to deal with the issue of CTRs falling.


Crafting creative CTAs is the greatest solution. Create out-of-the-box CTAs and innovative approaches to persuade your audience to complete the transaction. Send an email to people who have abandoned their carts before reaching the payment process.

CTAs can be used to drive traffic to your website and increase visitor and interaction rates. Keep in mind that the purpose of CTAs is to direct your visitors to your website or the intended landing page.


Email marketing provides desired results only when properly implemented and strategized. There are various problems and stumbling blocks in the road, which marketers must consider.

There are numerous aspects to consider, ranging from email deliverability to generating credible content and enticing CTAs. Get the desired outcome from your email marketing campaign by following the above mentioned strategical solutions.