Everyone has been thinking of starting a business or already has a one and wants it to grow. As everyone knows ONPASSIVE platform has many tools which help a business to grow with the pace, trimURL is also among the list of ONPASSIVE platform-tools.

How ONPASSIVE’s trimURL help a business to spread wings?

As we know, trimURL’s job is to optimise the long ugly looking URL link. The trimURL tool of ONPASSIVE platform has three components in it which make it a unique one as the effect of these three elements is more and covered below:

Use Your Brand Name:

Let’s begin with the first element, which is known as The Domain Name, whenever you share any link online; it is essential to include the brand name in the URL link.

Many businesses share the Trimmed URL without noticing that when they aren’t using the brand name in the URL links, they’re missing on a crucial part of the marketing which is brand exposure.

Employing a branded link tool like Trim URL of ONPASSIVE allows you to add the domain name in your optimised URL links that you are sharing

Kind of Domain:

The second feature of Trim URL tool of ONPASSIVE after you attach your brand name in the link is it allows you to add Top Level Domain along in the URL link. 

TLD or Top Level Domain is a part of your domain which comes after dot which focuses on what you do.

There are now several TLD available in the market these days, and the eldest among them is DOTCOM (.COM). However, some of the TLD helps you attract the audience attention like music.ly or Pep.si

For Example:

If anyone is among online retailer, they should accord links with .store to provide more certainty about where this particular link will lead the audience.

URL Slug:

The Last feature the Trim URL tool of ONPASSIVE is that it empowers a business to add a unique keyword which is essential in the URL of your page.

The URL slug is a part which is after the slash symbol, Most of the tools available in the market don’t allow you to customise your URL slug, or the keyword wouldn’t be accessible to use.

The Trim URL tool comes with the feature of letting the user choose the keyword of his choice in its URL since you are using your domain name and TLD.

We covered the three components of Trim URL tool: the domain, the TLD and the URL slug, now let us see how it is helping a business to brand itself. Long URL’s have less click-through-rate when compared with optimized URLs, long URLs sometimes mistaken as a spam URL links and business losses a potential customer.

When you are using the Trim URL tool of ONPASSIVE, it allows you to use your domain name along TLD, which creates brand awareness among the audience. Keyword plays a crucial role in influencing the target audience to click on the link as it creates awareness among the audience where this link will lead them increasing CTR by 39%.