Social media has no alternative in today's world. It is an incredible source for generating traffic and leads. But, how do you maximize social media marketing results? What follows when visitors reach your website? How do you get them to convert to leads and customers?

Let's discuss some of the best tools that you can employ to optimize your social media conversion strategy in this blog. 

Tools To Optimize Your SM Conversion Strategy  

1. SEO Tool

As mentioned earlier, social media is among the most powerful traffic generator. Apart from social media, search engines can also be regarded as the best source for traffic generation. In fact, a higher ranking in search engine results will have a greater impact on your traffic statistics. 

Thus it becomes essential for you to use keyword research tools to get insights into what your target audience search online. Thereby, you can use relevant keywords in your web copy and your content to target that audience. Moreover, SEO tools are crucial to identify what areas of your website need to improve and what you should optimize. 

  • Ubersuggest

It is a keyword research tool that can be employed for SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. Unlike other keyword tools, it is not just free, but it doesn't require a login. Moreover, it is-

  • Much faster 
  • This tool provides you with many keyword suggestions derived from both Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest
  • It displays search volume and CPC competition for every keyword
  • It offers you exact numbers and not just a range
  • You can add negative keywords to be eliminated from your search. Thereby, you can get the best possible keyword ideas. 

2. Conversion Optimization Tool

Conversion optimization tools help you deliver a better browsing experience to your audience, which results in more conversions more consistently. 

  • A/B Tasty

A/B tasty is a platform where you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your website visitors, using which you can build better marketing campaigns and optimize your website. In future, this tool can be used to:

  • Understand why did your visitors land on your website: You can check session recordings of the visit to know how your visitors browse through your website. You can even check each click they make and every movement of their mouse. Thereby, you can identify what bugs or navigation issues they might face. 
  • Test multiple page versions: Using this tool, you can set up probably any test you want, such as A/B/n testing, multivariate testing, split testing, funnel testing. In this way, you can develop different versions of similar pages to check which ones perform better and drive the most conversions. 
  • Give personalized experiences: As you better understand your audience, you can personalize their browsing experience to serve them better. 

3. Leads And Sales Prospecting Tool

In order to attain sustainable growth for your business, generating leads consistently won't be enough. You will also need to find quality prospects. Sales prospecting tools help you do the same in less time.

  • Lusha 

With Lusha, you can quickly collect the contact information of any potential leads or prospects you find on social media so that you can contact them directly rather than through social media.

This will allow you to contact your sales prospects directly and thus increase your chances of getting a positive response.

Visit a person's Twitter or LinkedIn account and click on the Lusha icon to view their contact information.

4. Lead Capture Tool

Lead capturing tools are crucial in turning mere visitors into leads.

  • Hello Bar

With Hello Bar, you'll not only gain more subscribers for your email list, but you'll also gain more shares and followers on social media.

You can start by entering your website URL and then choose from a variety of goals: to get people to call you, to promote a sale or discount, to expand your email list, or to gain more social media followers, shares, and likes.

Your Hello Bar will be visible on every page of your website, so it will encourage more visitors to take action, whether that's to sign up, call you, or do any other action you'd like.


Social media can be an excellent way of increasing the awareness and interest of your business online and generating more leads. However, as part of your overall conversion strategy, you will need to make sure that all of your other channels are also conversion-ready. 

This blog highlighted a few of the best tools for your social media conversion strategy. Employ these tools in your SM strategy and see your business thriving online.