Safer Internet Day

Every year, on the second day of the second week of February, people in almost 190 nations celebrate “Safer Internet Day” as a worldwide movement. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness and take action. This year it will be celebrated on the 6th of February.

In 2024, Safer Internet Day will have the theme of “Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online,” which speaks directly to the challenges and opportunities young people encounter in the digital realm.


It was first planned in 2004 as a component of the EU SafeBorders project. But now Safer Internet Day has grown to become an international event. It attempts to increase awareness of concerns related to internet safety, particularly for young people and children who are accustomed to using digital devices extensively. The celebration encourages individuals, communities, schools, and organizations worldwide to unite for a better internet.

History and Evolution

Safer Internet Day officially took shape in 2012, driven by the US Department of Homeland Security and the European Commission. In the United States, took the lead in 2013, gradually steering the initiative forward. Each year, a theme is chosen to promote specific goals. For instance, in 2015, the focus was on “Actions & Activism Toward a Better Net & World,” emphasizing issues like bullying and leveraging technology for social change.

Making Change for the Better

Safer Internet Day 2024 will focus on the opinions of youth regarding new and developing technology. It promotes using the internet as a tool to bring about positive change. The program aims to establish a more secure and empowered online environment by investigating the improvements that youth would like to see made and by comprehending the elements that impact their behaviors both online and offline.

Safer Internet Centres and Global Collaboration

Insafe, a European network of Safer Internet Centres, plays a vital role in coordinating awareness and educational campaigns, helplines, and youth engagement initiatives. Beyond Europe, Safer Internet Day Committees, numbering over 160 globally, work collaboratively with the Safer Internet Day Coordination Team in Brussels. These committees aim to harmonize the promotion of the campaign worldwide.

Global Reach and Impact

The success of Safer Internet Day lies in its ability to adapt and grow. From cyberbullying to social networking, it addresses emerging online issues and current concerns. The campaign’s global nature ensures that its impact is felt in diverse cultures and societies, making strides toward a safer and better internet for all.

Taking Action: Connect. Reflect. Protect.

In a world where the internet permeates almost every aspect of our lives, Safer Internet Day urges everyone to take concrete steps toward online safety. Connecting safely, reflecting on online actions, and protecting oneself and others are not just slogans but actionable principles. By disseminating the “Connect. Reflect. Protect.” message, individuals can actively contribute to making every day a Safer Internet Day.

OMAIL: Folder Lock

Considering the theme of Safer Internet Day for 2024, OMAIL’s folder lock feature is essential in promoting online safety. This is consistent with the campaign’s focus on app and device security as a means of protecting people. OMAIL promotes a proactive approach in protecting personal information by enabling users to lock their folders, which is in accordance with the overarching objective of establishing a secure online environment.


OTRACKER‘s IP Blocking feature is applied to single or in bulk by location and aligns seamlessly with Safer Internet Day 2024. Supporting the campaign’s focus on managing influence and navigating change online, it adds a crucial defense layer against potential threats. This feature empowers businesses and organizations to actively control and regulate access to their online platforms, fostering a safer and more secure Internet environment.

OVERIFY: Face Recognition

Regarding verification, Safer Internet Day’s objective of encouraging positive change in the digital sphere is in line with OVERIFY’s innovative use of face recognition. The campaign’s emphasis on reflecting on online behaviors and their impact is reflected in its emphasis on authentic verification. The overarching objective of creating a more empowered and secure online environment is accelerated by OVERIFY’s dedication to improving the verification process, which supports the Safer Internet Day message of taking concrete actions for online safety.

Wrap Up

We need to collaborate in order to get ready for Safer Internet Day in 2024 and build a digital space that is inclusive, empowering, and safe for everyone. By prioritizing digital literacy, promoting responsible online conduct, and implementing robust cybersecurity protocols, we can navigate the internet world with confidence. Let’s take a moment to consider how we can each play a part in creating a more secure and empowered digital future for future generations as well as for ourselves as we observe Safer Internet Day.  Remember, a safer internet begins with each one of us.

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