Social Media Stories

The world is moving faster, and time is an essential thing in everyone’s life. To make them attentive towards our brand or business, we have to do something more interesting that grabs many people’s attention in social media platforms. The engaging audience is the most crucial thing in social media; it will be only possible when we use creative stories, yes! Social media stories act as the medium to create more engagement in social media platforms.

Instead of a lot of content posts, we can use stories to convey a small version of a brand’s big story. These stories are more engaging and short and brief; they will stay for only 24 hours in the social media platform.

Social media stories are interactive; this feature came into existence in the Snapchat. Fifteen seconds short videos, pictures, GIFs, and ability to interact in a new way with AR made stories famous. Later on, this feature has been adopted by Instagram, followed by Facebook; it became even more popular. Whatsapp adapted this feature later on to become a way to communicate unique contents.

The use of stories leveraging the business, in the long run, let us discuss in detail.

Why Social Media Stories Became a Part:

As per a survey by 2021, there are expectations like 5.11 billion mobile users worldwide will be going to exist as unique users.

It is clear and crafted that every business must and should perform its activities based on the prevailing trends going on with the smartphone revolution. Businesses must and should optimize their contents as per the mobile platforms to convey their message to the people through social media stories in a vertical format suitable for smartphones. Stories are the simple format for smartphones they have developed to operate in a vertical structure of images and videos.

The vertical format is considered as the full-size screen format; they are truly immersive and engaging. We can leverage our business by enhancing our activities and engaging with our customers quickly. 

Engagement is enhanced with Stories:

Communication is the foremost important thing in the present social media trends, and stories act as the great medium to enhance, boost, and engage with an audience. It is the essential tactics of business to easily reach their audience that win business over customers. Here are some tips and tricks helpful for creating great stories on the news feed on social media platforms.

Attractive and Interactive Polls:

Creating a brand is a significant factor which every business desires it. Making imprint of the company in customers’ minds is what business feels it as a brand, and stories are apt to create such feel by making customers part in their interactive polls go around in the brand’s social media platform. Stories allow people to participate and make it memorable for the customer and businesses will get to know directly about the view of their customers efficiently.

Forget About Missing A Post:

Brands can take advantage over fear of missing a post or content on their Instagram feed on a particular day using stories. Social media platforms are made for an engaging audience, and that engagement is what makes brands attract the audience. After 24 hours, stories will disappear from their feed; they give the chance to provide information more shortly and briefly. Even brands can put offers and discounts by providing countdowns on their feed with stories.

Brands can leverage this option to create more engagement and excitement in their audience from time to time, and there will never be a way of missing out any information for brands.

Stories Act As The Interactive Mediums:

Different social media platforms make other features of stories to make more significant interactions with their audience; these features act as the most prominent features make them more engaging; let’s discuss some of those features.

Location Tags: 

  • While posting a story, we can add a location tag or sticker. These location tags will make our audience to know about a particular place by just tapping, and it will be cool for people who want to explore. These locations might be a restaurant or hotel, or a famous monumental place etc.
  • Text: Story is not only about an image or video; we can also customize our stories by adding apt text and convey many things about photo or video.
  • Stickers, Gifs and Emojis: when we use stickers, gifs and Emojis the visual representation will be enhanced and people will get more interest towards the stories, as they are becoming creative.
  • Website links: If a business or a brand has 10000 plus followers on Instagram, they can share the stories’ website links. They can navigate their users to their websites easily.

Businesses can utilize the best features of Instagram and other social media platforms to enhance and encourage their customer interactions in a more significant way.

Script the Inside Process with Stories:

We see news feed on Instagram or Facebook they last long forever, but if we see stories, they are 24 hours later on they will disappear. Stories share more personalized contents which act the source for the original content.

When we post stories in the social media, it should need to be a support system for the original post and stories must be a reason for people to look at the original post on the feed. In simple words, Stories are the supporting system for running or boosting our social media presence.


Social media stories are engaging the audience, and it is one of the sources for connecting people. Here we find funny posts and entertainment factors will sustain people to spend their time. For all these reasons, mobile screens are the gateway for the audience to welcome.

Stories are highly interactive and make to reach a broader audience. That is why it has become an essential element in building a social media marketing strategy and allows a brand to stand out in the competition.