Tips To Boost The Conversion Rate Of Your Email Marketing

Emails are evergreen in terms of their usability and relevance. They are among the oldest communication tools over the Internet; still, there are no signs of them getting outdated any time soon. The majority of Internet users rely significantly on email for both professional and personal requirements. Thus, no wonder marketers and business owners cannot afford to disregard email marketing. 

However, it doesn’t imply that email campaigns are full-proof, and you don’t have to do much to gain desired results. If you are not able to convert leads with email, you need to rethink your approach to email marketing. Following are the seven tips that can help you improvise the conversion rate of your email marketing. 

1. Personalization is the key 

Let’s face it-you might have sent the well-written, long emails rich in details and information related to your business only to find out that they haven’t generated any real output. What’s wrong here? If your emails are impersonal, they are not going to help you much. 

Personalize emails. That’s how you can engage the audience with your emails. 

Boost interpersonal communication through emails. Address a user with his first name and initiate discussion. The user should feel that the email has been sent exclusively to him. 

2. Convey a story

Storytelling is an effective marketing technique that you can use in your email campaigns as well. Why not? Stories draw people’s attention and engage them better. 

Narrate a story that resonates with the theme of your email. Do not forget to add a call-to-action strategically located at the end of the story. 

Email in the format of a story usually has the highest open rates. So, implement storytelling in your email marketing campaign and let them do wonders for you. 

3. Make use of automated drip campaigns

In a drip-email campaign, a set of emails are sent automatically at preset intervals once a user takes the necessary action on your site. This will help you stay top of the user’s mind. 

There are several ways you can use an email drip campaign. Top-of-mind drips, educational drips, re-engagement drips, competitive drips, promotional drips, and training drips are the various types of drip campaigns. 

These drip campaigns are effective in bringing back users and convincing them for another purchase. 

4. Use a solid call to action 

Just like regular blog content, or any other piece of content for that matter, emails also need a call to action. You might include CTA to make users click a link to a converting landing page, or you may expect a reply to the email through a CTA. 

CTA’s work great when used the right way. Consider inserting a button or an image that displays a clear path to the required action. 

5. Make emails mobile-friendly 

It has recently been found that 53% of emails are viewed on a mobile device. 

Make things easier for your audience. If your emails are easy to scroll through and let users check out new offers with all their details on a mobile screen, users are going to open and view them. It will undoubtedly influence the conversion. 

6. Offer link of images

If you want to engage users in a better way, consider inserting images along with your email content. And if you are doing so, don’t forget to link them to supporting content. When users click the link, they can easily view high-quality images. 

7. Come up with interesting subject lines

The subject line of your emails is very critical. It is usually the entry gate to higher conversions through emails. Thus, invest some time in crafting interesting and engaging subject lines. Thereby encourage users to open your emails. 

Wrap up 

These are a few of the simplest yet effective tips that may help you enhance the conversion rate of your email marketing. Implement these tips and boost the conversion rate of your email marketing. Thereby, make your email campaigns work for your business.