Within the last few years, there has been a power surge with the use of artificial intelligence technology as a powerful tool in gathering and analyzing data, improving business operations and creating a better overall user experience. With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence solutions that have been primarily embraced primarily by the marketing industry, to help marketers and their clients optimize campaigns, boosting customer engagement and developing a unique, and personalized approach to all the customers. 

Artificial intelligence tools for marketing have helped businesses and brands on a much larger scale, regardless of the size of the branch. Let us look into the essential tools for marketing, especially the 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools.

Boost Your Sales and ROI with Artificial Intelligence Technology

AI technology has become an incredibly popular and powerful tool for marketers as it is something that all marketers have to include in their marketing process to get the best results and to boost the overall ROI. Whether you are looking for a way to reach the right target audience or create a personalized user experience, optimize ad budgets, improved performance or predicting new trends, AI will be with you every single step of the way. Now is one of the most optimum times to start testing the various ways AI technology can help build a business successfully.

What are the 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Marketing?

Here are the various tools to improve conversions and boost revenues to the next level. You can employ these ten artificial intelligence tools for marketing:

#1 Utilize Social Media and Monitor Brand with Mentionlytics

Using Mentionlytics for social media and brand monitoring ensures to increase online reputations by 24/7. This easy-to-use solution utilizes artificial intelligence for analyzing new mentions and classifies into positive, negative, or neutral. It is essential to track comments quickly, and filter out negative reviews and monitor the overall engagement of the social media community. The Mentionlytics’ Social Intelligence Advisor SIA is capable of providing actionable and personalized advice for analyzing findings and improving social media presence.

#2 Creating Personalized Customer Experience with Adobe Target

Adobe Target is one of the most beneficial tools for creating the ultimate personalized customer experience and can use Adobe Target, as a personalization suite within Adobe enabling users to optimize and automate testing for them. Having an AI-driven tool includes four key features that include automated personalization, multivariate testing, mobile app optimization, and recommendations. With a computerized personalization feature, it enables users to automate the entire targeting process by providing personalized content that is based on real-time data.

#3 SocialBakers for Ad Optimization

SocialBakers is the best tool for ad optimization as it is a unified social media marketing platform providing all the tools needed to manage and measure the social media audience. It is the ultimate tool for discovering influencers and identifying customer personas and automating the entire process of creating the best content for them. 

#4 Optmyzr for Spending Optimization and Performance

Optmyzer has enabled to managing PPC ads more effectively with just a single click. The AI-powered tool helps to manage ads, bids, budgets, keywords and a lot more! There are many tools, such as Google ads, Bing ads, and Facebook, Google Analytics, and custom data sources. The monthly plan starts from $499 and the Pro+ package comes up to $799 a month.

#5 Intercoms for Creating Chatbots

Intercom solutions for creating custom Chatbots is a tremendous tool that can effectively scale up to every single part of business, such as qualifying leads and also speeding up customer resolutions. 

#6 Talkwalker Quick Searches for Opinion Trend Analysis

Quick Searches by Talkwalker is one of the best tools for quick searches and opinion trend analysis. It provides a uniquely user-friendly and straightforward solution for deep diving into the competitors’ social sphere and building a winning core marketing strategy. 

#7 Knime for Machine Learning

For everything machine learning related, Knime is the solution that is looking for! Knime is a one-of-a-kind open-source machine learning tool based on a GUI which does not require any knowledge of programming. 

#8 Pi Datametrics for Monitoring Competition

Pi Datametrics is one of the best examples of a tool that helps you in measuring the impact of your brand and create effective product lines, and also measure your performance against your competitors after a campaign. 

#9 Kompyte for Tracking What Competitors and Their Customers Say About Your Brand

To track what competitors and their customers have to say about your brand, you can use the powerful software Kompyte for tracking all by yourself and letting the software suggest you based on the keywords that you are tracing. 

#10 Clarifai for Automated Image Recognition

Clarifai is one of the most accurate image recognition APIs that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to tag, organize and understand videos and images, as well.

Final Thoughts

All of the data is possible by performing a simple search on Google or Social media as well. It is tough to make complete sense out of it by looking at in the most sparing way possible. It is precisely where Social Media Monitoring Tools comes into the picture to help gather data on an everyday basis successfully.

It’s entirely possible to use any of these tools to automatically gather entire data and analyze to get real-time insights that are extremely helpful for the brand.