Customer Support during the Business Remodeling

Remodeling and upgrading your company is not only good on the outside, and it’s necessary sometimes. 95% of most retail environments require minor renovation every five years, and major updates every ten years. While remodeling is taking place, it’s crucial to ensure your organization is still serving customers and bringing in more customers with the help of existing business technology.

Keep in Touch with Customer Online

It’s important to keep in touch with your clients before, during, and after the development. Using the internet and social media platform is an efficient way of integrating customer support into a remodeling business. Even before remodeling begins, start or update your existing mailing list to notify customers of your small business’ exciting new look, and the benefits that the remodel will offer.

  • Continue sending emails outlining the developments of construction as well as inviting opportunities that can help with customer service issues during downtime or offering discounts on products or services.
  • Update your business website with construction information and provide additional ways for customers to get in touch with customer service, especially if your small business is closed at any stage of the remodeling process.

Keep in Touch with the customer in person

Install a prominent sign on the door with remodeling information, a customer service contact number, and a business website. “Excuse the Trouble While We Make Improvements” and “Construction Sale” create a fantastic impression than “Closed for renovations,” which allows some customers to draw conclusions that your small business might be closed for good.

  • Using the remodel as a marketing tool can help you drive sales, even when you are closed during the remodeling phase.
  • Offer a discount on a given item or service during the remodeling to attract customers, maintain a market presence, and continue sales and excellent customer service.

Stay in touch with customers by phone

Personal phone calls to customers during a remodel may help determine their needs, remind them of your upcoming opportunities, and serve as a platform to address any customer service issues, depending on the size and business technology. This extra step offers outstanding service, and most clients appreciate the extra effort naturally.

  • Ensure that your customers can contact you over the phone during all remodeling phases.
  • Prepare customers for the remodeling, motivate them with what to expect once all is done, and address any immediate concerns or inconveniences.

Need to Socialize

Social networking generates connections, both in-person and online, that could one day become paying clients. Nearly any social event can present opportunities for contractors to meet potential customers, and contractors should always be prepared to offer a business card. Social networking online works much the same way but through social websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • In addition to promoting links with friends and potential clients, allow contractors to set up pages that detail remodeling sites while updating your business technology.
  • These pages allow the existing group of customers to offer feedback, and links from these pages to your existing small business website can further strengthen a budding professional relationship.

In Conclusion 

It’s important to remember that marketing is an ongoing investment involving advertising, supporting clients, public relations, media planning, and more. The marketing plan for your remodeling business should integrate strategies that allow you to grow your customer base over time while still allowing you with the flexibility you need to respond to changes in customer requirements and business technology.