Everything is part of our evolution


We are all able to change what is not doing as well, we came here prepared to live intensely and reap from that experience everything we plant. It is not wrong to want something today and tomorrow not to want anymore. 

Everything is part of our evolution, our thoughts change, our way of acting changes, and therein lays the greatness of living, being able to go back or simply move on.

It is imperative to say that changes for the good show our willingness to evolve.
Changes can take us on unknown paths, but they can reserve wonderful surprises that we never thought to experience.

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Jose Pinto de Andrade

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  • Avatar Lucia Silvestre de Stratmann

    It is my view that if any person or group make a decision to start a business, he or she enters such an endeavor with anticipation that one is entering into an unknown, although he or they may have had some previous experience in a similar or related business.

    The challenge the business person has is to present their new or older customers with the best and most satisfactory experience that they have ever had. Consequently, the ‘savvy’ business owner will not only build but will continue to upgrade the business with a view to not only retaining his current customers, but also, toward expanding the business. Therefore, having an evolution minded business owner be in the lead, translates into absolute success!

    10 months ago | 19 June, 2020 12:52 am Reply

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