What is WhatsApp Marketing

Most businesses are increasingly using social media platforms for marketing their brand and products. Mostly, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are used for marketing purposes.

But in terms of users, messenger apps are catching the attention of marketers. Therefore, many organizations are following a strategy of marketing through messenger apps.

WhatsApp is no doubt one of the most actively used messenger app in the entire world. Keeping in mind its growing popularity, WhatsApp even launched WhatsApp Business in 2018 in just a few parts of the world.

By 2020, WhatsApp turned the app into a new business medium during the pandemic situation.

WhatsApp is very user friendly, and many business organizations worldwide are making use of WhatsApp marketing as a part of their marketing campaigns.

WhatsApp business version have been found to be very useful for advertising and promotion of brands and products.

Lead your Business with WhatsApp Business Features 

WhatsApp business comes up with many features that are user friendly so that the entire process of marketing your brand or products flows smoothly. The features of WhatsApp business are as follows:

  • Brand name- this feature allows you to display the brand name. The brand name allows the users to identify with your company at one glimpse.
  • Brand logo- the logo of your brand or company distinguishes you you’re your competitors. A catchy logo helps to grab users attention. WhatsApp comes with a feature that allows you to place your brand logo on your posts, this enables you to get identified quickly.
  • Brand verification- WhatsApp business gets your brand verified to ensure that you are running a validated business.
  • Encryption- all the messages are encrypted on WhatsApp so that only those who are authorized can access them. All the announcements and information related to your business are encrypted and secured over HTTP.
  • Use of multimedia- WhatsApp comes up with this attractive and exciting feature that enables you to send images and videos along with text messages. You can also send your location to your users, helping them locate your business and understand how it works.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing 

There are many benefits of WhatsApp Marketing. Here are a few to make note of:

  • Quick and Easy Customer Service

To retain customers, you need to look after customers and nurture them almost at every marketing funnel stage. Regularly interacting and taking feedback from customers helps you to upgrade your services.

WhatsApp allows you to directly connect with your consumers through real-time chat, video and voice calling features. 

Interacting with users enables you to know well about consumer preferences and understand who your target audience is. With their feedback and responses, you can update and improve your business. 

  • Boost your sales 

WhatsApp came up with the feature of putting up a status that disappears automatically after 24 hours. You can use this feature to tell the users about a flash sale or one-day discounts that your company is coming up with. Boosting in-store sale is quite possible with this feature. 

With this feature, you can also include bar code that can be further shared with other users or you can even share a screenshot of the code to use it when you make purchases at the store.

  •  Market Research 

Understanding who is going to be your target audience is essential for any business. Without knowing who the target audience is, selling any product would be a waste of time and result in a declined business revenue. 

Whatsapp has this great feature of creating personalized groups that enables you to add up to 250 members. Once you collect data from your target audience, you can add them to a group, conduct personalized surveys and take informal feedback which completes your market research in a simplified and easy process.

  •  Engage users

Whatsapp Marketing helps you maintain the interest of users in your brand and promote your brand to new users. Through WhatsApp marketing, you can keep your users engaged by updating them about flash sales, discounts, latest updates in your brand, launch of new products and much more.

With WhatsApp, you can make the whole message even more impressive with extra features like emoji’s and italicize your otherwise monotonous content. Keeping your users engaged is vital to any marketing process, and WhatsApp makes it easy and interesting for you.

Whatsapp is undoubtedly, the most used messaging app and is almost viewed and used every day by many users. With the new business version, it provides you with personalized features to promote and market your business.

Many well-known brands are also using this WhatsApp business feature for marketing their products.

Concluding Thoughts  

Marketing through multiple channels should always be a part of your business’ marketing campaign. It is essential to reach and communicate with users through different modes of communications.

Social media is the most popularly used medium to convey messages to users and inform them about your brand and products. 

WhatsApp marketing is the most unbeatable form of marketing your products to target customers. It’s user-friendly software and unique features help you reach out to customers and market your business interestingly.

WhatsApp marketing can immensely boost your sales and increase your company’s revenue dramatically, with well-planned strategies.