Multimedia Messaging Service

Most innovative and easy to use service that allows user to send Multimedia Messages. The extended messaging capabilities, allowing messages to be higher than 160 characters.

With a modern application like Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger, people might have forgotten about the traditional way of sharing multimedia messages; They are still as powerful as they were at the start.

What Is MMS?

Previously we have shared a brief about SMS, MMS is an extension to the SMS. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a mobile phone service that allows user to send multimedia content like audio, images and video.

Multimedia messaging service developed in 1984 built using SMS technology. China was the first country to make MMS a great success; In recent years, Europe and U.S MMS traffic have increased drastically due to the wide choice of smartphones worldwide.

How MMS Works?

Sending and receiving of MMS is different from SMS. MMS first step is similar to sending a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)  Email identical to this. The first device encodes the multimedia content, then the Encoded message flows through a tower to MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Center) to another tower, and then recipient receives the MMS.

If the recipient’s carrier is not the same as of sender, the MMSC sends the multimedia message to the other carrier using the internet. Recipients carrier extract the multimedia message and send it to the recipient using an embedded URL.

Advantages of MMS:

MMS is an enhanced version of SMS. Following are a few advantages of MMS:

Easy To Use:

Being easy to use is the reason why MMS is gaining immense popularity with the advancement of mobile technology; it is getting more comfortable day by day.


SMS only supports text, and MMS supports multimedia the most crucial benefit of MMS. You can add a voice note, pictures or video to your message along with a simple text for personalising the message.

Format Your Message:

Apart from adding media in your text, MMS allows you to insert various style and structure of your message with a difference.

Effective writing without limitations:

MMS doesn’t limit you with a particular set of characters, that means you can now send longer messages, write more than 160 characters including punctuations and spaces.

Business Use:

Mobile marketing is the new trend of marketing and gaining more consumers. MMS being more Interactive and affordable, nowadays, companies are preferring MMS to be a significant way of marketing their brand.

MMS will proceed to complement SMS with the evolution of mobile messaging and the introduction of EMS ( Enterprise Messaging System). Mobile messaging has globally recognised as the most compelling service for future cellular data increase with the magnificent growth in Multimedia messaging since 1984. More particularly, MMS anticipated attaining heights as a messaging technology endeavouring abundant user media messaging opportunities. The vital part of content distribution and a conversation previously ordinary using messaging.