artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but with modern technologies like big data has fuelled AI to grow massively. AI is a fast-paced discipline with a very long history, and over the past few years, we saw substantial technological advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. This is mainly due to the success of machine learning, the tech that allows machines to learn on their own with the help of data provided.

What’s the past, present and future of AI?

The astounding innovation of Artificial intelligence happened in the 1950s. We have already given a brief history of Artificial intelligence in one of our previous blogs. You can find how AI came into existence. Ever since the term – AI came into existence, it has created a lot of curiosity in a lot of people. Many computer scientists dedicated their lives to bring change to the computer world, i.e. with AI.

Today’s AI Research and Development

In recent years, we have seen several developments in artificial intelligence, such as robotics, automation, machine learning and much more. Today we are witnessing the era of deep learning, and this is one of the main reasons why we see a lot of innovation in the field of AI. Today, AI can collect and sort a large amount of data to generate insights and predictions that are beyond the human’s reach. By training machines, they can do more. 

Furthermore, AI has already implemented in many large scale applications. Here are the most common examples of for the same:

  1. Vacuum Cleaners
  2. Smart Cars
  3. Robotic Arms 
  4. Computer Vision
  5. Neural Networks

It is predicted that within the next four years, China will become the most significant global source of artificial intelligence. Slowly every country is making progress in the field of artificial intelligence. Europe is one of the largest regions with high levels of international collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence. After China and the United States, India is right behind the US to claim the third-largest country in AI research output.

AI in the Foreseeable Future

Some of the AI professionals say that we are on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – which is entirely different from the other three. AI will continue to grow massively with the changing technology, and this will enable new business models and functionalities. AI is all set to play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life by allowing humans to do things more simple and efficient. 

Smarter technologies in large scale have already started bringing change in the way of doing things. One of the promising results one can expect according to the Fourth Industrial Revolution is improved quality of life. It can also increase income levels and quality of life of each individual on Earth. Our workplace and organizations will be smarter and more efficient when intelligent machines and humans work together.

Beyond a few of these impacts we’ve mentioned above, there are even more ways that AI technology can impact both our present and future. Do you think there are other ways that Artificial Intelligence can change or shape or future? If you do, then please let us know in the comments.