Jeanie Marshall - community sites

Do you know what you want to find in life?  When you know what you want to find, look for it in that same consciousness, and you will find it in every person, place, thing, and idea.

If you want excellence, observe excellence in everything, even if you can just observe it in one aspect of a person or thing.  Then excellence will expand.

Every person, place, thing and idea has both excellence and non-excellence within it.  It is your choice what you focus your attention on.  Choose wisely.  Then choose again.  

Excellence is WITHIN you. And within EVERYONE.  If you are in the energy of excellence you will resonate with it everywhere.   Your feet will guide you.  Your hands will reach out for it.  You will live it.

You find what you seek. What are you looking for today as you connect with the world?   And, specifically, what are you looking for when you interact in the ONPASSIVE community?

Make this an Excellent Day!