Facebook and Instagram stories ads

Businesses are continuously seeking means to prove their mark in their respective fields. Promoting businesses online with the so-called developed digitalization techniques has turned significant.

Many online sources are available to know any vital information or have any entertainment. One such prominent source that most users seek is the Social Media platform, and the platform best serves people to connect globally with family and friends.

Not limited to this, even businesses are considering this as an essential source for promotion. Within the platform, various types of marketing techniques can be implemented. Ads have been in use for a long time to gain user attention. So, when it comes to online means of business promotion, the Facebook and Instagram stories have been creating a more significant impact.

Keep reading to know its significance and its role in any business success. 

Facebook and Instagram stories ads

Story ads are cost-effective, and their influence on business success is excellent compared to feed ads. So, businesses are now adopting story ads as part of their workflow.

Significant ideology for story ads 

1. Build original stories

Using Facebook/Instagram feed ads will not fit for story ads, and the reasons vary. It could be of real help only during a shortage of time. However, the results generated out of them will not be up to the mark. 

The reason could be that the feed ad might not have the story content to give it a feel. What Facebook or Instagram does is ads are published in a vertical plane. Additionally, if the caption’s length exceeds 190 characters, the remaining word length is truncated. Stories ads generated from feed ads will not turn captivating.

So, instead of using feed ads as story ads, what if we create an original story ad? The resultant ad will surely gain user applause, for the design, content, and alignment of the image have been designed in view of Facebook’s or Instagram’s publishing criteria.

2. Stand by the ad specifications:

Both Facebook and Instagram have set their specifications as below:

For images:

1. File type: .jpg or .png

2. Max file size : 30MB

3. Suggested resolution: 1,080 x 1,920 pixels

4. Min resolution:600 x 1067 pixels

5. Default time of image display is 5 sec. 

For Videos:

1. File type: .mp4 or .mov

2. Maximum file size: 4GB

3. Suggested resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels

4. Min resolution: 600 x 1067 pixels

5. Maximum length of video: 60 sec

Be mindful about placing any vital information on the top or the bottom of the image.

3. Maintain simplicity:

1. Avoid complexity. Let the audience feel the aura of simplicity with your ad.

2. Technically speaking, suggested below are a few guidelines to experience.

3. Use an image that perfectly fits your story 

4. Portray a perfect and effective title/caption

5. Use graphics for a better and attractive vision

Simple steps to create Facebook and Instagram story ads

1. Select objective: Choose the marketing objectives of your ad creation, give a name and continue. There is nothing to worry about if you have given the wrong name or thought about giving a more unique and captivating theme. You have an option to edit it later. 

2. Set the essentials: Target the right audience, set the proper budget and time with different placements. 

3. Final step: Only one ad can be created at a time. Moreover, the option lies in selecting the image formats as ‘carousel’ or’ single image or video’ according to your choice. Finally, upload the images or videos. A maximum of 6 images can be added with no extra cost. At the same time, only one video is allowed for a single ad. 

Best sources for ad creation 

Are you seeking sources enabling creative and appealing ad creation? Know about O-Dit, an AI tool effective enough to turn images more interesting, innovative, and appealing.

The AI features of the tool add a new color to the images and make them more lively and attractive. Whether it is logos, posters, videos, or GIFs, create appropriate text for the images to glorify the information they intend to convey. 


Marketing studies reveal that story ads promoted by Facebook and Instagram have proved effective. Optimizing the usage will surely yield good results.

At the same time, leveraging the technologies supporting beautiful ad creation can enhance the chances of business growth. Serving this requirement, O-Dit lies as an effective option.