facebook ad campaigns

Why Facebook?

Facebook is still just as instrumental a marketing tool as ever. It is noteworthy that data-driven marketing strategies like Facebook will always be the foundation for long-term, consistent growth. Brand awareness can seem nebulous and enigmatic but it isn’t that difficult to create one. What matters is how people recognize and remember your business employing a range of strategies across a span of industries. People discover Ads on Facebook the same way they find anything else: by stumbling onto it. Your scroll is intervened by something snappy which grabs your immediate attention.

Users need numerous visual interactions with a brand before they buy anything. While content is the key, one should never side-line the multimedia. For most platforms, people will see the image well before the text, so make it stand out. Also, people respond to better lifestyle images. So, for a brand, fun lifestyle images should work. For this, you want content that not only sells your brand, but also captures your audience so that they keep coming back for more. A page-like campaign needs to be set up. The ads would then pop up in the newsfeed that would in turn prompt the user to like the page.

Bonding with People

Developing a brand personality is an indispensable part of an effective social media strategy. The brand persona must inevitably resonate with the target audience. Consistency is vital. All the social accounts related to the brand must possess similar identity. In this way, the brand becomes more recognizable. Following the brand name will be easy then. Besides that, building brand awareness also gets a boost by interacting regularly with your followers/audience. Including fact-based content, use emotional elements in your content to establish a connection with people.

Engaging With the Users

Holding simple contests is also a proven way for brand establishment. People love to compete and will share your contest post, expanding the reach and awareness of the brand. Creating blogs and posts are a subtle way to educate your followers on emerging trends and lifestyles. The content will of course get shared if liked. Here’s where building trust with your audience becomes a crucial point. Sharing and posting content with tips, tricks and humour works wonders. Once there is trust, brand success is a must.

Few Case Studies of Successful Facebook Ad campaigns

Following brand awareness case studies illustrates how campaigns were successful and the strategies that worked best.

  • India’s one of the leading fashion retail companies, Lifestyle conducted several Facebook campaigns to grow awareness and increase in-store visits, resulting in 2X lower cost per visit compared to other platforms. It ran multiple campaigns on Facebook with different goals to guide people from product discovery through to consideration and finally to conversion. Click below on the link to know more: https://www.facebook.com/business/success/lifestyle#
  • The pioneering asset management company, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund wanted to connect with a wider audience, raise awareness, instil trust and increase signups for its ICICI Prudential Blue-chip Fund among new and existing customers. It created a series of News feed friendly video ads to capture attention quick enough and highlight key features and benefits of the product. Get to know about the details of the campaign on: https://www.facebook.com/business/success/icici-prudential-mutual-fund#
  • The Indian nutrition brand, Healthkart created video ads inspiring fitness journeys of its existing customers, as well as benefits of its premium products. These short, impactful videos in various Indian languages boosted its sales by a booming 50%. Healthkart used information from Facebook pixel installed on its website to build Custom Audiences of people who had viewed its product videos and purchased its products. Click https://en-gb.facebook.com/business/success/healthkart to know more.
  • The South Korean smartphone brand, Samsung powered up awareness with the reach and frequency campaign for its new smartphone in Taiwan’s competitive market. Samsung Taiwan succeeded in reaching 60–70% of its intended audience in the 20–44 age range for its previous campaigns. To find out how it could optimise its current marketing strategy for even better business results, it ran a reach and frequency campaign and conducted a brand lift study. Here is the link: https://en-gb.facebook.com/business/success/samsung-taiwan

A Promising Proposition

Increasing brand awareness is critical for progress. Grow your brand presence on social media with sheer deft. Moreover, there are social media marketing agencies which deal in the job of driving brand awareness using social media platforms. One can always hire them to manage accounts and handling market turbulence. There are many variables involved and various social media channels that you must approach differently. However, with a sensible utility of this stalwart social media platform, you can be on your way to enhance your revenue and growth.