Factors That Are Important to Make Mobile Wallet Solutions Secure

Payments have become online nowadays due to wide access to digital tools. When making a payment, we choose the secure means. Digital payments have enabled simple and quick payments. With advanced technology, people are able to enjoy its benefits. At the same time, the digital platform is being used illicitly by so-called fraudsters or hackers to divert the money into their network through various illegal channels. So, the users are cautioned to pay attention to the details before making any payment.

Mobile wallet security is our main topic to discuss. Before this, let us know about some of the mobile wallet features:

Mobile wallet features

Quick and easy access: With smart devices at hand, payments are now easy. Mobile wallet avoids carrying the credit and debit cards physically. Credit and the debit card numbers stored in the system enable payments.

Device compatibility: One significant feature to meet for the wide usage of mobile wallets is device compatibility. For example, a standard process to initiate a payment should work seamlessly across various devices. System prompting for a user id, password and submission of valid documents hold valid irrespective of the devices. Adopting them ensures security in the system.

Attractive UI: Every user would be interested to use those features that are attractive. So, it is basic essential to develop features that keep the user engaged. At the same time, the user-friendly screens and pages enable the user to choose the app for any future transactions.

Security: Security is the essential feature that should be imbibed in the mobile wallet. Incorporating security features such as valid document submission, registration for login credentials, and generating an OTP or a QR code all prove safe for carrying out secure and authentic transactions.

GPS tracking: This feature helps to track the user location and can serve as a part of security as this helps them know the location from where the payment is being made and the time of a specific location.

Mobile wallet security

How can mobile wallet security be attained? What are the significant factors that need to be considered for executing safe digital payments? Let us study them in detail.

Avail antivirus: Right from the time we have been using computers, what has been standing safe to carry out any operations over software devices is antivirus software. They help identify malware that enter the system. So, it suggested to install antivirus in our mobile wallets to execute secure transactions.

Choose an authentic source: Before installing a mobile wallet on your smart device, it is significant to identify the source of the application. Studying the pros and cons of the source helps identify whether it is authentic or not.

Maintain secrecy: Not sharing the mobile wallet user credentials with anyone serves as the best option to ensure secured digital payments.

Pay attention: Individuals using a mobile wallet are suggested to be cautious about their transactions. Noting down the transactions will help analyze the money flow. Bank statements also aid in this. So, verifying them enables oneself to stay safe and secure.

Secure connection: While using a public internet connection, there is every chance for hackers to enter your network and carry out their activities. This way there are chances to loose your money. So, be safe by choosing a private network that helps carry out the tasks without any worry.

AI-based Mobile wallets

AI is much talked about during recent times. The way things are accomplished using Artificial intelligence is mind-blowing. Human experiences fed into the system on regular basis help the systems to analyze things promptly and generate instant results with minimal human intervention. How about a mobile wallet that is AI-driven? It sounds great, right? ONPASSIVE ‘s O-Wallet is a significant output of AI that helps carry out your digital payments innovatively.

While talking about working in a private space with no scope for outsiders to enter your private network, O-Virtual has everything to give you concerning the security of user’s money transactions.


Mobile wallets have been widely replacing traditional cash payments, and the statistics reveal that this number is sure to increase in number over the coming years. At any stage, what stands as the primary concern of any user to use a mobile wallet is security. If it is met, then the user is free to carry out digital payments without any worries.

Mobile wallets incorporated with the secure network and AI imbibed features are sure to be safe and secure. Availing one of them saves time and effort.