stefan ozsvath

We thank you Ash and staff, for the hard work you put in daily behind the scenes 24/7/365to make  this ingenious ideology come to fruition.

We can hardly wait to enjoy the fruits of it. The last webinar was truly outstanding giving me and my team renewed enthusiasm. The much needed tools are being added to the tool shed that is almost full by now.

We have also learned a new word on the webinar that fits right into our vocabulary 


Looking forward to the next webinar. In the interim, I am staying positive and asking everyone to do the same, also to have a bit more patience because at the end we all will benefit from the final outcome. In my opinion, GoFounders/ONPASSIVE is the house were “Financial and Time Freedom” was born!

Feeling truly humbled to be part of this promising future that is being delivered for generations to come.

I am in it to win it.

As always,

Best regards to all.