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The fear of failure may seem to be a simple hurdle and the one we all are aware of, but several of us unwittingly undermine our success because we fear what will change if we succeed. Every one of us fails. For many, the fear of failure is deadening and holds back from attempting something fresh, taking a step towards the goals, or taking a risk.

Overcoming this fear of failure, not letting it block your way, and learning how to convert failure into success have become secret of sorts that almost each one of us has heard at some point in our lives. Fear of failure can be a small hurdle, although, ironically enough. There’s a somewhat counter-intuitive theory that we are scared of accomplishing what we want to achieve, might be more exact, more challenging to recognize, and more genuine than you think.

How Is AI Impacting Businesses?

Platforms such as the ONPASSIVE Artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem are speedily becoming standard across various industries. With more and more companies searching for ways to implement AI in multiple ways, from the automation of repetitive tasks to data-driven decision making in marketing, AI does it all. Though adopting AI in a small business is not always seen as a positive development, it affects everyone.

Why is AI Feared?

Researches indicate that humans fear the long-term consequences of superior AI: will it become too smart? Take over your job? Will you know how to operate with this technology? Almost 34% feel that the influence of high-level machine intelligence on humanity will be wrong, with nearly 12% stating that the future will be “worse, perhaps human extinction.”

As more businesses adopt high-level technology like machine learning or AI — and as these applications become more user-friendly with automatic user interfaces —employees who are already skeptical of this technology might feel that it is far beyond them. They sometimes also find these applications terrifying. What’s most challenging is that they aren’t even aware of what AI is or what it means to apply them.

The Anxiety

The anxiety of high-end tech tools like AI arises from the enormous potential of AI — which can and will surely exceed ours someday — but also because of the black-box type of this technology, as it is expected to fear things you don’t understand entirely and can’t control.

Therefore, how can companies support their employees to overcome those fears and make sure a seamless integration of AI to stay competitive in the growingly digital world? What must be done to encourage employees while still making sure the business evolves as required?

Understanding AI: Who’s Learning From Whom?

Firstly, a small business needs to support its employees in working with AI in daily processes are defining and explaining AI and its true abilities. Often, our understanding of AI comes from science fiction novels, television shows, and movies. These fantasized assumptions of AI draw a picture of AI as a hyper-intelligent being that will make humans extinct. With these misconceptions, it’s challenging to support employees while trying to overcome the fear of AI.

The truth is, AI is easy to use and helps us save time on regular everyday tasks. For instance, it is more comfortable to speak into our phones so that Siri can search for something on Google. Earlier, we’d have to type our query into a search engine or the phone. This virtual assistant is a cognitive AI case, increases our productivity, and saves us time at work.

Once people get the concept of AI, it’s essential to describe how AI learns and becomes smarter. For AI to learn and grow more intelligent, it needs a steady stream of data. But where does this data come from? Humans! Human actions and human decisions!

Final Thoughts

Typically, AI is learning from what a human would have done in a specific situation. AI learns through experiences and repetition. The intelligence of AI comes from data that depict the combined knowledge of human encounters data is produced by past social behaviors and decisions, not machines. This feature of AI especially helps the marketing efforts of an organization. We’re teaching AI how we like and wish things to be done whenever we utilize an AI system.

Fearing the unknown is average. But educating people on the advantages of AI and what it involves will help overcome that fear. Embracing ONPASSIVE AI in the workplace is not the first step towards having machines “take over the world.” Still, instead, it’s an essential step forward towards encouraging employees to unlock their potential and drive the small business world as a whole.