Time and Attendance Management Software

If you as a company expect that your employees should keep track of their attendance manually, then it is most likely that you are not a company that is upgrading with time. The core of any organization’s operational efficiency lies in its employee management system. A time and attendance management software can help your business streamline the functions of employee management. 

Attendance management is a process that helps employees save valuable time by handling the tasks of tracking their working hours, punch-in time, breaks, and punch-out or log-out time. 

A reliable employee attendance management system helps businesses resolve compliance issues and payroll errors among others. Employing a proper attendance management system in place of paper-based time-sheets assist you in saving time, lessen the burden of administrative work, keeping track of error-free attendance records, etc. 

Advantages of employing a time and attendance system 

While a time and attendance system helps you save the time spent on administrative and attendance management activities, there are other advantages too. The best time and attendance management system helps you to: 

  1. Induce transparency in your attendance management process
  2. Protect confidential attendance data 
  3. Provide functions like multi-level approvals, biometric integration, and mobile submission
  4. Prevent compliance risks
  5. Facilitate necessary information to make informed business decisions
  6. Offer precision and consistency in attendance processing
  7. Administer organizational policies and regulations
  8. Eliminate manual errors
  9. Boost employee productivity
  10. Improve the organization’s performance to a large extent

Features of an efficient attendance management system

Various technological solutions provide different kinds of attendance management systems. However, there are some crucial features that you should consider before opting for an attendance management system for your business: 

1. Cloud-based attendance management system 

A cloud-based employee attendance software help achieves data integrity. It prevents inaccurate time-entries and eliminates missed punches. It maintains a correct track of attendance records without much need for supervision. Additionally, it reduces the burden of HR staff by saving their time working on piles of timesheets and large paper files.

The cloud-based system facilitates a single interface for displaying all the time-related information.  

2. Manage attendance remotely

Due to prevailing health emergency in the form of Covid-19, many employees are forced to opt for work from home. The role of a cloud-based employee attendance management system becomes significant in such conditions as it offers attendance tracking on-the-go. 

With an advanced cloud-based timesheet app, companies can monitor the actual working hours of their employees even if they work remotely. The data gathered by such systems can be accessed by leads and HR staff at any given time irrespective of the location. Moreover, such systems are flexible, cost-effective, and don’t require much up-gradation and there is barely any installation difficulty. 

3. Leave management 

An efficient attendance management system offers an individual section to track leaves. 

If you fall short on the leave management aspect, your organizational operations might get out of the order-you might lack a sufficient number of people at a given time, loss in productivity, delay in outcome delivery etc. 

Thus, you must employ an automated attendance module that comes with leave management ability. 

4. Policy and regulatory compliance 

It becomes easier for organizations to secure policy and regulatory compliance with the right attendance management tool. 

Organizations can streamline timesheets and time-off processes with automation. With a provision of better timesheet management solutions, employers can implement policy change with ease and convenience. 

5. Integrate seamlessly

One of the best features of an efficient attendance management system is that it provides seamless integration solutions. It then becomes easier for HR staff to integrate various HR software including accounting and payroll. 

It prevents HR staff from working on manual data rectification and duplication. Further, any alteration made on any interface will be displayed in other apps, thereby streamlining the whole process. 

Kissflow HR Cloud, Zoho People, SumHR, GreytHR are among the best HRMS software systems available that businesses can consider. 


Gone is the time when paper-based time-sheets would keep track of employee working hours. With technological solutions in the form of time and attendance management software, you can streamline various employee management operations. So, it’s time you stepped up your approach and equipped your business with proper time and attendance management software and achieve the desired efficiency.