Federated Search

Ever pondered how to ensure your customers found what they are looking for on your site? That too, when there is endless unstructured information pile-up happening in the backend comprising of network drives, databases, repositories, intranet, websites, product catalogs, etc.  

‘Federated Search’ is the answer to this niggling thought. Federated Search is a technique used to search for multiple searchable resources simultaneously with just one query and one search interface. It improves user experience and engagement of any user in business, community, or organization.

Reliability and Security:

Not only is federated search query safe and secure, but it also can let multiple users search and use the same interface while having different results depending on their level of access. Since federated search requires you to manage only one search engine, it simplifies reliability and security.


With a federated search, you can prioritize the results better than the search engine does. It gives you the ability to weigh information depending on how relevant or visible you want them to be in your customers’ searches. This kind of flexibility to searchable layout information works wonders for your business.


A skillful tool, Federated Search, can be used to maximize the extent of the reach of your searches. It permitted it could crawl the content that a standard web crawler either cannot gather information or doesn’t find it worth the time to explore. Like that of pages running on a slow server, sites that request a user login or particular credentials,  areas of websites prohibited by the robot exclusion protocol, or even for the dynamic pages that update too frequently.

Boosts Customer Experience:

Federated search is a potent option for mid-to-low funnel users who know what they need. They can scourge through a colossal data pile of product pages, documentation, multimedia assets, and more from one location with a single query, thus reaching their goal with fewer clicks. The fewer clicks or pageviews required to find a product or service, the more likely you are to convert the user. It invariably increases and improves the customer experience.

Supports Browsabilty: 

The Federated search solution lets you modify, add, or restructure data quickly while still keeping the data browsable. It helps the user interpret and navigate different categories of information more efficiently, thus improving browsing on your site while promoting discoverability and increasing user engagement.

Able Website Management:

As you add new content or data locations, it is easier for you to integrate them into your existing federal search tool, instead of having to set up an independent search tool besides each new type of content.

Hence, businesses such as retail, enterprise, software vendors, banks, HR solutions providers, SMEs, and a range of industries have reaped huge dividends by improving user experience, increasing user engagement and boosting conversion rates by successfully implementing federated search.

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