Branding Trends

The last decade was indeed a momentous one for technology startups. We’ve seen many renowned companies take shape and shake significant sectors and industries with their cutting-edge hi-tech stuff. Their products were all indeed revolutionary to sustain the rigors of the market. But for these startups to become the power-hoses of success, they mainly had to hitch a hike on innovative branding strategies. After all, it is the branding that makes or breaks brands and businesses.

Cut to 2020 and the oncoming years in this decade; the startups need to concentrate more on branding. Branding is as coercive and impressive as the brands that influenced the last ten years. The equation has drastically changed, with younger generations gaining more buying power. So, it is they who will determine the direction of branding trends.   

If you are in the pursuit of creating a unique brand or a startup, count us in providing the best emerging trends that startups need to follow. So here we go.

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Invest in Interactive experiences in content:

Customers are seeking new, tech-based experiences as against traditional direct advertising. When we say tech-based experiences, we mean the usage of virtual and augmented reality, which allows the customer base to interact with their favorite brands. And the brands that conceive ways to reinvent themselves in digital spaces are seen as forward-thinking by the younger generations.

These cutting edge branding strategies have kept many companies out of harm’s way in today’s digital slaughterhouse. Brands bank on interactive quiz competition in social media to let the audience personalize themselves while interacting with them online. We have also come across numerous brands tilting towards augmented reality apps or immersive technologies such as VR and AR, and so on. It is a great branding strategy brands of today have been employing.

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Abstract branding is in:

Branding is no longer about the services brands offer, but more about touching human emotions, tapping on core values and coming up with lofty ideas. Youthful or new brands or startups have started utilizing more daring, eclectic, and post-modern imagery as means of their branding strategy, and it is yielding them the right results. Startups are promoting the more exquisite nature of their brand at a time when these ethereal aspects are more important than ever.  Many companies that we know of have established themselves as brands to watch out for in the digital space because of their forward-thinking imaginativeness.

Animations rule the roost:

The audience of today has lost interest in static imagery. Period. The popularity of GIFs on social media acknowledges that fact. But the audience has stepped up further and moving towards animations. Successful brands have realized this and incorporated in their online presence, in order to capture their target audience. By featuring animations scattered throughout the user interface of their digital space, brands or startups interact with customers to give them a more pleasant and uplifting experience.


The branding trends mentioned above is the idea of how a startup should not revolve around their products or services. A startup should highlight and brand their mission statements, values, personalities, and entrepreneurial spirits. Market the intangibles to be in the game.

Another important tip, startup brands cannot find success if their personalities clash with the younger generation or with those of the Millenials. Always make sure to craft a brand that is cool, socially conscious, and features a robust and unmistakable mission statement.

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