Content Discovery

The digital revolution has held on to the promise of delivering a whirlwind of changes. And excellent content has remained the bedrock of the digital revolution. Even today, content is the best way for companies to connect with their customers. Content is the essential component of any business to deliver the promise of the brand throughout their consumer journey. The steady supply of online content is growing, and that is just another drop in the ocean of content.

Content Marketers have been leading the charge of transforming the business and combating fast-receding, traditional revenue channels. Ever than before, greater importance is now being placed on getting the content the exposure it deserves. With this trend on the rise, many content discovery platforms are showing increased popularity among content marketing practitioners for a good reason.

Content marketers have realized the benefits of content discovery and are setting aside a massive chunk of their marketing budget to onboard these platforms. There is a three-fold benefit from these content discovery platforms. Online explorers get entry to relevant content without having to search for it actively, while publishers get to boost audience engagement. The brands producing content can engage the right consumers at the right time and on the proper channels. It becomes a win-win situation for all three players.

Benefits of Content Discovery:

Content discovery platforms primarily bridge the information gap between brands and consumers as well as equipping publishers with more content. These content discovery platforms can help in promoting new content developed for different funnel stages, such as brand awareness, lead generation, and customer delight stages. But the challenge most of the content marketing teams face here is not knowing which platform to consider or which right creative to accompany the campaigns. After all, engaging the right audience and successfully linking campaigns decides the outcome of goals.

Content is a complicated challenge than anyone comprehends. For new searches to happen constantly, consistent, and high-quality content coupled with business goals across all the channels, lines of business and geographies must be considered. Very few brands have figured this success mantra. That is the reason the top 5 percent of branded content drives 90 percent of all engagement.

Therefore, the usage of content discovery campaigns is on the rise to support content that drives awareness for products and services. Quite often, branding campaigns or content marketing relies on content that offers substantial upfront value to audiences and promotes the brand association, instead of pushing for sales leads.

5 Easy Steps To Create A Great Content Marketing Strategy!

Businesses or content marketers need an overarching content strategy to align their terms and empower them to generate content that builds a relationship with their customers. Once this is in place, harness technology to execute that strategy to avoid unnecessary dilly-dallying in the form of never-ending email threads. Every business needs to have incredible content creators who can compete with gazillions of other stories creeping in their audience’s pocket every second of the day. Content discovery platforms are altering the exchange of information between brands, consumers, and publishers for the better. The beauty here is everyone is winning.