Video marketing

Videos have turned out to be an effective means to engage people. At the same time, it is essential to implement innovative means for video creation. Not all videos impact the audience unless something innovative is introduced to them.

Video content optimization

How is that the video content is optimized? One has to adopt the ways and the means that help this to happens. Let us look into their details:

Set up a goal:

Before planning to create a video, a goal must be set up and carried out by keeping the goal in mind. For any businesses, quality and confidence is the basis for success. Following this, implementing user captivating video content is primarily needed to avail of your business products or services.

Call to action:

The content should be simple, understandable and genuine. Just write what services you can give to a user. Prompt the user about what you can offer by asking a simple question such as ‘ Are you in need of it ‘? If yes, navigate the user to the registration form asking to fill in simple details.

CTA have to implemented to guide the users in carrying out the next step after watching the video. Engage a user with a contact number or use the ‘write to us’ slogan by making an email address available or navigate the user to landing pages to gain in-depth knowledge of the business products or the services.

How is that you can be confident that a user will respond to a call to action? So, it is suggested to implement at least two. The user might not show interest to call you on the number you have provided but might show interest to mail you and gain the details. And the third one, implementing the landing pages, will persuade the user to either call you or email you after going into the details.

Try adopting SEO best practices:

With less chances of capturing the complete content of the video by the Google search engine, try providing the transcript of your video content so that the complete content will be evaluated. This helps improve your ranking and increase the chances of landing in the top listing.

Users give the keywords in the search field in the way it interest them. They are not any English language experts to type catchy lines in the search bar. Capture all such keywords and phrases that are mostly used in view of a normal user.

Types of video marketing:

Trying out different means to convey the information through videos satisfies a different kind of audience. Let us have a look at them:

Product/Service videos:

Businesses convey their products and services information through such videos. Points specifying the functionalities are explained to the user. With such information, it is easy for the user to gain knowledge about the product features and functionality.

Testimonial videos:

Testimonials serve as the reference point for any users interested to pursue business products and services. They help create trust, confidence and morally boosting to come forward to avail themselves of it.

Real-time videos:

Some practical problems might arise while using a product. How is it that they are addressed? They can be done through these videos, which help solve any queries with clarity.


It is undoubtedly a wonder to see how AI-driven systems have revolutionized things. AI is now part of video marketing and is now at work to track user analysis and know what is in usage, whether watching videos or websites. AI systems are designed to record user actions and experiences and generate future result based on user interests. For example: if a user watches a video on YouTube related to AI and ML-based systems, more such videos appear handy next time the user revisits YouTube. Such is the way the AI handles the user actions. So try to implement ONPASSIVE’s AI-based tools that help achieve this.