The whole world has witnessed advertising claiming that only internet advertising is the way to success.

The Internet is the place where you could advertise and sell your company’s products and services with successful results but hat success came with limited results for a limited amount of people indeed.

Also, the internet would be the only place where you can make a name for yourself (branding yourself) while some people were able to do it came with a hefty price tag but, in order to do all that the marketer needed first of all a domain name, hosting that domain, purchasing technology, tools, SEO plus a lot of expensive advertising to get those eyeball looking at your offers.

The above mentioned technology, tools and advertising is offered by different companies, at a high cost, and needed a lot of time and hard work with persistence on daily bases to make it work.

I have you know, that a lot of people failed or could no longer afford it and basically gave up on that practice.

Fortunately the “old school” practice will change soon, as a new technology company is coming to put an end to it.

Please Welcome


A Real Brick & Mortar Entity,

Offering new technology, tolls, AI and automation with positive resolve, will do the telling, the selling and will bring all the eyeballs to see your offers.

“Success is written all over it”.

ONPASSIVE, is going to be a game changer and will disrupt the marketing industry as you know it.

All the technology and tolls offered in one place and at the lowest price possible so that everyone can afford it and succeed with it.

Times are changing and so are the marketing technics, therefore the old school companies can only try to imitate to no avail.

Nowadays, people are looking for a vehicle to deliver their dreams and that vehicle is ONPASSIVE.

As the name suggests “OP” is totally hands free and fully automated to deliver economic freedom and time freedom.

Actually ONPASSIVE is the house where freedom was born!

The house where you are in business for yourself but never by yourself.

Having said that, I ask myself daily: How could I be so lucky to be part of this amazing Company?

Thank you Ash for offering this House of Freedom to the founders and the world.

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication with strong persistence 24/7 to bring your company & project to fruition.

Thanks to my inviter for thinking of me highly enough to invite me to join OP.

I am happy and proud to say I am an early founder in ONPASSIVE and I am in it to win it.

ONPASSIVE has the potential in my opinion to become an extremely huge company because what the company is offering and the way is being set up to function;

Mr. Ash Mufareh is a visionary in the real sense of the word, also the founder and CEO of this potential “UNICORN” (Technology Company).

We are all in it to win it.