How is everybody doing? This is my first post. And this is my first login as well. SMILE. This account is managed by my beautiful mother… It’s a gift from my mommy Della Sale. It is given too from a good & very kind-hearted brother in this most significant community that my mom loved so very much.

She has always been so proud of GOFOUNDERS since day 1 she joined two YEARS AGO TOMORROW. She does not miss any webinars since then, and her mouth is full about Gofounders @ONPASSIVE. She loves this community and our CEO Ash Mufareh so DEARLY

I am so very proud of my mom making a whole lot of good friends her knowing her sweetness and sincerity. Now, I want to express my gratitude to her, my sponsor, Robert Oates, in giving me a good spot in this online business.

Forever I am thankful to you, Mr. Ash Mufareh, for being such precious human being. Beautiful as JESUS>

THANK YOU A WHOLE LOT dear brother for such a unique creator with a heart!