Online Course

Are you someone who loves mentoring or educating people with the knowledge and expertise you have? Or do you want to earn a side income with the skillsets or expertise you have? If yes, then you can offer online courses and build your brand. However, is everything that easy? Well, it can be if you exactly know how to sell and promote your online courses to the right audience. Here are four strategies that will guide you to achieve the same. Let’s dive into it:

1. Start by offering free content

More often, people perceive new products or things sceptically. In addition, nobody likes to risk their time and money on anything new in today’s fast-paced and busy life. Therefore, before you establish yourself as a successful online coach or trainer, you must be ready to offer some of your content free for a certain period. So that people would know what can they expect from you.

You can consider making shorter, condensed version of the course, upload them on free video streaming platform like YouTube, social media channels or post on your website. Introduce yourself as someone who is having some incredible content to offer. When the audience consumes your free content and finds it interesting, it’s most likely, they can go ahead and readily sign up for your course. 

This way, you can have a great start, as people with genuine interest would sign up for your course. Also, you can build your brand at a lower churn rate.

2. Building an email list

Once you establish your brand with enough subscribers, consider opting for an email marketing technique. You can create a high-converting email marketing campaign by building an email list. This is one of the most vital online course strategy.

An email list comprises people who have subscribed for your courses. They deserve high-quality content, offers, if any and additional information that provides them value. By consistently sending quality content through emails, you ensure improved audience engagement. 

You can also consider providing calls to action (CTA) on your website, videos, and social media platforms to nudge people to sign up and in turn, build your email list. 

After building a reliable email list, you can segment your audience based on demographics, shared interests, or level of engagement. Moreover, you can customize your messages according to the unique requirements of a specific segment. 

For instance, your young audience might consume your course to seek assistance in getting a job. Senior groups, however, might want to learn advanced skills and techniques for a career switch.

3. Promote user-generated content

Once you develop a genuine audience base, ask them to share their experience with your brand and benefits they received by opting your online course on your website or social media platforms.

This user-generated content is an effective way of promotion, as people tend to believe in social proofs. 

You can ask your current students to use relevant hashtags while also mentioning your brand name in their posts. You should then feature these reviews, testimonials and ratings on your website and social media handles.

4. Create a Coming Soon page

Retaining the existing subscribers is equally important as that of attracting the new ones. Exploit innovative marketing gimmicks to create conversions. 

Create a Coming Soon page is one such marketing technique that would build curiosity and excitement about your upcoming course. 

By creating such a page, you can successfully engage the audience. Use creative and exciting imagery on the page to drive curiosity among the audience. You can also consider setting up a countdown timer or provide a registration form that users can sign up for to get further updates- one more way to build your email list. You can garner great attention with such a technique.

You can also consider leading online course platforms like O-Cademy, enrol yourself as a mentor, and derive all necessary assistance for the promotion of your courses.


You might be considering starting your online course either for a passion or as a source of recurring income. Whatever is your calling; you must learn and adapt marketing strategies for its promotion. The four strategies explained in this article will help you establish yourself as a successful online coach in your respective field of expertise. Implement these online course promotion strategies to see your online course grow and expand.