This is the magnitude of the company. It creates for you equipped videos and publishes it through several different social media and through the Internet in general, and publishes articles in the community and in the company’s blog, and many founders and others can interact with you.

Also, your photo and personal link are automatically added to it by the company. Here is the creativity and automated marketing of the founders. This is a company ONPASSIVE and its slogan: You are in it to win it.  

I mean, you just have to be in it, to be a future winner. Congratulations to all of you, we are very fortunate that we are in it today, and tomorrow we will prove to the world that we are the strongest and everyone should organize in it to use its technology.

Thank you ONPASSIVE. And thank you, Mr. Ash, for this great creativity.

You will be the greatest man of the year 2021 and you will win all the achievements and all the international awards because you really deserve it. But be sure that not all world awards will meet your right and your creativity

And sincere thanks to all the experts and staff of the company all in his name and position.

Thank you, thank you, really, thank you from the heart, oh heroes, what are you waiting for?

See you in it to win it