Artificial intelligence has transformed every market segment. AI technologycontinues to grow in use across the healthcare, automotive, and e-commerce sector. From streamlining the hiring process to automating routine tasks to making marketing more effective, AI technology has transformed everything. But most important of all, AI technology and machine learninghave various life-saving applications.

Unique Life Saving Applications of AI Technology

#1: Accident Prevention

Recent studies show that around 2 million people die from road accidents in a year. Half of them are usually pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. As autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars rise, people are highly concerned about road travel safety. However, AI technology has eliminated this risk. An AI-powered application minimizes the risks of accidents with a virtual protection zone. The application identifies the user’s location and coordinates to all nearby automated or connected vehicles. In case the connected vehicle gets too close to a person, it applies a brake or triggers automatically before a collision can occur. This is one of the best artificial intelligence applications.

#2: Improved Healthcare Delivery

Nowadays, the healthcare industry has enormous artificial intelligence applications. Other than automating healthcare reporting tasks, AI technology helps in saving human lives. Despite having years of medical experience, there are certain medical conditions that medical professionals cannot identify. AI technologyenables medical professionals to improve healthcare delivery and identify medical conditions.

Healthcare companies are developing various healthcare analytics platform for a wide range of clinical scenarios. Besides, machine learning and other related technologies can enable healthcare professionals to identify patients at the highest risk. It can eventually help in reducing mortality rates. Furthermore, AI-based robots can aid healthcare companies to improve healthcare outcomes.

#3: Detect Medical Conditions

AI technology was utilized to detect cardiac arrests. This tool was identified as many lives were lost before and during ambulance transfer. The voice-based AI tool analyzes what patients say on the emergency calls and determines their present medical conditions. It helps medical professionals to stay prepared and act immediately during the need. AI technology has decreased the cases of cardiac arrests. Healthcare companies are also working on other artificial intelligence applications.

#4: Improving Pharmaceutical Solutions

While our world has enough pharmaceutical drugs to save human lives, various drugs cause side effects on patients. The side effect may differ from one patient to the other. Therefore, healthcare professionals will need to analyze the patients’ past drug usages before giving a new medicine. Nowadays, AI technology can aid healthcare professionals in improving pharmaceutical solutions. AI-powered medical research and development help patients recover while minimizing side effects. 

#5: Ending Human Trafficking

Not only AI technology benefits healthcare companies, AI helps in the fight against human trafficking. Human trafficking is a significant issue that requires greater concern these days. AI can rescue millions of women and children who are confronting human trafficking.

Investigating human traffic using humans will require countless hours. It is because humans take longer hours to gather and explore the data manually. AI technology eases data gathering and analyzing. It can complete tasks in lesser time compared to humans. Furthermore, machine learningtechnology allows investigation officials to track both criminals and locate the victims.

Key Takeaways

The artificial intelligence applications in the real-world are inspiring. From accident prevention to improving healthcare outcomes in ending human trafficking, artificial intelligence has countless life-saving applications. Today, healthcare professionals can easily detect and act upon various medical conditions. AI has also benefited the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma companies can utilize AI for medical research and development. As each year passes by, there’s no doubt that AI technology will gain enormous importance in our day-to-day lives.