Thank You Sir Ash for Sharing the Video of Hyderabad Office

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Hello there Sir Ash

Thank you for sharing the video of the full house in Hyderabad today.. 

Ooh wow. You made my day. I have been spoiled all day.. 

I also noticed that you had asked for me two weeks ago.. I am currently in the UK and had not received my Gift/Parcel before flying out. I have checked and it hasn’t arrived as yet..

I understand that my IPhone was not going to be ready until November this month and so I am ready to wait.. 

The best things do take time to arrive. I know that better by now..

When you are ready to fly to India, feel free to take me with you. I am open and available anytime and I can afford my ticket. All I have been doing is ONPASSIVE.

Just a quick shout out to the man of the century…

Yours truly

Sunny Malex

Sunny Malex - Cameroon

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