Artificial Intelligence

Some governments are already using AI, but it could have a far broader impact. A lot of companies and several governments across the globe have started to invest in Artificial Intelligence heavily. 

It uses a software program to analyze tens of thousands of tweets to identify possible food poisoning. The program is then connected to those tweets for specific restaurants and dispatches inspectors to check for any health issues.

This new approach saves time and money, shows as a primary form of artificial intelligence and cognitive learning.

Unlike big data and analytics, this program which works-off structured data takes time to collect and analyze, and able to quickly calculate possible health problems by reading unstructured data, i.e., a word and a phrase. 

Artificial intelligence technologies have received tons of publicity. 

These computers will seamlessly answer any question posed to them. 

AI is about making better and more informed decisions with automated decisions. 

AI has the potential to make government substantially more efficient and citizen-friendly by using in the right way.

The private sector is experimenting with a form of AI known as chatbots to automate and improve customer service. 

The technology could have plenty of applications in government.

Trained call centre representatives in social services are in short supply and are costly to prepare.

Criminal Justice and Public Safety is the other area benefited from AI. Image recognition software combed through hundreds of thousands of images and videos taken at the detonation site to find clues. 

A series of workshops explores how AI used in the law of enforcement. 

The possibilities threw out included having AI develop questions during parole screenings and analyze police body camera video.

AI embedded in robotics, such as self-driving vehicles, could be ample opportunities for the government, as well. 

For example, use autonomous vehicles to provide transportation between neighbourhoods, where unemployment is three times the city average to a nearby jobs centre.

There is a long way to move and a lot to work out before AI becomes more commonplace in government. 

There’s a lack of skilled analysts knows how to work with AI.

Another is that there is the fear that artificial intelligence technologies strip away jobs, which has made some hesitant to experiment with it. But, people initially feared bank ATMs too. 

Eventually, they stopped caring if they didn’t talk to a bank teller. 

Why not having a chatbot that answers routine customer questions and saves the complex queries for humans? 

What is Artificial Intelligence and how it works?

The first wave of technological progressed with the portable computer and this continued with the invention of a mobile phone. 

The second wave started with a digital business model and smartphones or mobile app. 

Experts believed that the third wave is a technological progressed for the invention of AI.

Artificial Intelligence technologies is a science of self-learning software algorithms for executing task otherwise performed for humans. 

AI does not generate insights or forecasts but used for complex decisions of the business workflow.

To understand how Artificial Intelligence makes complex decisions, one must know about OODA (Observe Orient Decide Act) Loop, which used to train fighter pilots representing distinct decision making. 

First, Artificial Intelligence technologies observe by understanding diverse situational circumstances. 

Next, Artificial Intelligence technologies took as orient. It uses the understanding of circumstances to compare with preexisting knowledge. When it comes to decision making, Artificial Intelligence defines different strategies and acts accordingly.

Ethical Implications for society

Artificial Intelligence is extremely dangerous if only used by a few people for controlling. 

Different militaries around the world have started researching within this particular field of computer sciences. 

A world avoids where only a few have the resources to use Artificial Intelligence technologies where leading nations make sure that AI will be a public good that everyone benefited from it.

The Matrix

There is a risk that a hyper-intelligent computer program will become self-aware of its power and takes over the world.  

To lead or to be conducted.

Nobody escapes from this new-era, either you are at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and influence the path as a society, or you watch how this latest technological revolution happens in social transformation. 

Is it a matter of time that everything is under the control of AI?

It is the first time in history that Artificial Intelligence can realistically happen in our lifetime due to a drastic technological improvement in the last decade.

However, experts estimate that there will be significant breakthroughs within the next few years.