The winner is the dreamer who never gives up. Although your destiny has been written, you choose the path for yourself. Those who cannot cry with a pure heart cannot laugh from the heart. I love to think about chance – how one dropped word on a pebble a shoe all over universe changes. 

ONPASSIVE GoFounders, In the end, it won’t matter how many years you have had in your life, but how many lives you have had in your years. “I cried because I didn’t have shoes. Then I saw a man who didn’t have legs.” as pictured his face. Because of his heart and soul, It can’t be on it! I carry many wounds, including moments that would never have happened if I hadn’t ventured beyond the borders. But I found the path of the future that Mr. Ash Mufareh dreamed of for our children and us. I ask God’s blessing to everyone who is here in our beautiful family in this beautiful dream. Thanks for being here too. Thank you Mr. Ash Mufareh