Top 10 Content Marketing

As we advance to the end of 2020, there are two things we can say for sure:

  • Content creation and delivery will transform radically.
  • Content marketing will become even more influential.

It is the cause why content marketing is “the only marketing left” – it is useful, authentic, and ideally suited for the digital generation. However, while few can doubt the content marketing’s efficiency, tactics, channels, and tools marketers employ to create and deliver content will continue growing rapidly in 2020.

There is no second thought about content creation’s effectiveness, but being aware of which type, medium, and channel can sometimes be challenging.

What content marketing trends you must watch out for? How should you modify your marketing strategy to stay abreast of these developments?

Use this article as your guide for the top 10 content marketing trends for 2020:

1.   User-Generated Content (UGC)

This section of the top 10 content marketing trends will discuss the UGC and why it is one of the most significant content marketing trends. According to a study, almost 85% of the customers find UGC more influential than regular brand content.

However, what is user-generated content? User-generated content, or UGC, is any form of content that has been created and published by volunteer contributors. Frequently, these individual contributors are fans who support a brand instead of the brand promoting itself. UGC content can be of any type, including blogs, images, social media posts, website pages, and testimonials. Do not be scared to think outside the box!

2.   Quality Over Quantity

In this section of the top 10 content marketing trends, we will discuss how important is the quality of the content. It is one of the leading content marketing trends and is also more of a general rule for your business’s online content. When it comes to digital marketing, quality always outplays quantity and makes your brand more attractive in the long-term. We live in an era of transparency, and customers want authenticity.

Quality and consistency are the pillars of any successful content. If you share too much, you can easily overwhelm your readers. It is important to generate new content consistently, but it is even more important than publishing content is well-done.

3.   Video Content Creation

As we have discussed before in this top 10 content marketing trends, video content is the way of the future. As per research, the modern customer increasingly demands video content from their preferred brands, and a video keeps readers engaged longer than any other form of content. Live-stream viewers proceed to evolve as well, with almost 80% of respondents say they would prefer to watch live video than read a blog post.

4.   Visuals

This section will discuss one of the most attractive content marketing trends among the top 10 content marketing trends. It is the most engaging form of online media content. From communication to entertainment, marketers are going all-in on the power of interactive or dynamic imagery.

Amongst the next generation of soon-to-be-adults, visual social media dominates all. YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are the most common platforms where teens hang out. For adults, YouTube is the most-utilized platform, even beating Facebook. Even visuals in the content are going to be more attractive in 2021.

5.   Podcasting

Podcasts have exploded among the top 10 content marketing trends in recent years. Approach the podcast initiatives as you make the rest of your content marketing efforts. While some podcasts cover broader topics, your brand should concentrate on one. 

6.   Utilizing Your Content Creations

You can create the best possible content in the world, but if you do not share it or optimize it, it might be a complete waste. There are multiple media channels out there, and attempting to create content for every platform can be overwhelming. Make your content work for you! Share your content on all your channels but introduce it differently, so your viewers do not get the same content twice. This is the reason it is one of the most important among the top 10 content marketing trends.

7.   Data-Driven Content

As with all types of content marketing trends out there, it is necessary to pay attention to the latest trends and use data to back up what works and what does not. To take advantage of this trend, follow the data. Recognize the content that your viewers engages with most and create more of that type of content. We suggest reviewing your analytics every 4-6 weeks, and this must be the topmost priority among the top 10 content marketing trends.

8.   Personal Content

The modern customer is seeking out more than your regular content marketing experience. The goal of dynamic, personalized content creation is to deliver precisely what a customer is looking for; this fastens them to take more steps to engage with your brand further.

9.   Voice Device Content

In this section, we will discuss the newest among the top 10 content marketing trends. To utilize this trend, think about how your viewers would search for your content applying voice search. This can not only help you tailor your current content for voice-SEO but also notify your future content-creation initiatives, as well.

10. Topic Oriented

You can develop your topical authority by strategic content creation – especially by creating different posts about one particular topic. The idea is to cover a wide range of topics that come under a single umbrella. Portraying that your brand is an expert in your field will help increase brand awareness and enhance your credibility.

To stay ahead of the curve and boost conversions in the future, you will want to get better at producing interactive, personalized, and engaging content— mostly audio and video content— and be capable of tracking the conversions. I hope the top 10 content marketing trends will help you in knitting your content marketing strategies!