Most of the time, when we cover how the digital revolution is taking over the multiple industries which are coming up, we are mostly talking about automation. However, there are several mind-blowing applications or AI tools available in the market that perform several complex tasks that humans can complete by consuming a lot of time, which they can complete in a snap.

Soon to be launched, the ONPASSIVE platform is developing many AI-empowered tools that are cost-effective and highly productive, especially when any business wants tools to attract more traffic.

In today’s data-driven world, just targeting text content to the audience is never enough to increase the conversion rate. Let’s cover ONPASSIVE tools that will help any business in their campaigns:

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

This is the technology that optimizes the website for mobile devices. It enables a company to create interactive content, and subscribers can connect or interact in multiple ways, like browsing through various galleries, shopping carts, or while modifying an order and via completing a survey. If any target audience does not support the AMP version not to worry, it will get replaced by a regular HTML version.


Geo-targeting is sending promotional content via text or notification based on customers’ real-time geo-location. The tool of geographical location which is currently employed by most of the businesses is geo-targeting, but geo-fencing is among the tools which have gained a name in very little time. Geo-targeting triggers the notifications based on the location (Country, region, or city), whereas geo-fencing triggers the announcements based on their site that is supposed to be within the radius of 1-2 km.

Exceptional segmentation:

This ONPASSIVE tool has capabilities to segment the data and analyze customer behavior to find out patterns enabling a company to target the potential customers at the right time to enhance the conversion rate of a business. High-level audience segmentation empowers a business to offer your possible audience with relevant products based on their activities.

Personalized Notification:

Content personalization represents the direct targeting of specific audiences with specific products, and you can create content according to potential customers. By segmenting the target audience, your business can approach different audiences based on their particular characteristic or the intention of your business. Releasing the time of push notification could be according to customer interaction. Push notifications may incorporate reminders of products in favorite lists or cart list.


Gamification is one of the best ways to interact with new subscribers or to activate the sleeping subscribers. This interactive element is not for direct sales. Still, in the end, it leads audiences towards a certain amount of discount or offers for their purchase, which increases the sale opportunities for the business. The only thing a business needs to keep in mind is the policies of participation and claiming for reward should be as transparent as water.

It is the time for the business to employ AI in its process with the ONPASSIVE platform, which serves them to grow along with their business. The new emerging companies should leverage AI-powered tools offered by ONPASSIVE for the smooth running of their business process.

ONPASSIVE is a soon to be launched business solution platform which enables any business to grow by leveraging AI capabilities in their tools to meet modern-day advance audiences’ expectation.