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Success and good life is the goal of every individual on this planet, but challenging to achieve, especially if you are a business owner of an online business. It all starts with dreaming big and then moving towards starting the company.

Soon everything fades away due to multiple factors, causing a total breakdown of the business:

  1. Lack of long-term goals and visions
  2. Outdated tools and methods
  3. Inefficient team members
  4. Inability to adopt new technologies
  5. Lack of funds to manage operational cost during the growth stage
  6. Impactless promotions and advertisements

How Could ONPASSIVE Bring You Closer to the Success?

ONPASSIVE is a popular and upcoming unicorn company that is all set to launch its automation tools for streamlining various business activities. ONPASSIVE, as we all know it, is an IT company that designs and develops tools amalgamated with Artificial Intelligence for delivering maximum output and relevant results.

Below are the solutions that its registered founders could find in ONPASSIVE’s Ecosystem:

1. Automated Business Operations:

As explained earlier, the company enables digital transformation with the help of smart plug-n-play applications for agile business solutions enabling self-learning and adapting to the change. With complete automation, your business becomes free from time-consuming processes, human interference, and errors.

2. Ease of Online Transformation:

Few of the best tools available in the Ecosystem to quickly launch your business online are:

  • Website Builders: Get rid of complex coding requirements. No technical background required. Now anyone can build their websites with the help of ONPASSIVE’s Website Builder that is loaded with multiple themes and plugins to design and upgrade the site. In a few hours, you get the domain name registered and receive a full-fledged website for your business.
  • SEO Upgraders: The AI-based SEO application automatically identifies keyword density and update content to avoid keyword stuffing that could affect SEO objectives. It also identifies the best performing long-tail keywords to create call-to-action internal links. Along with this, metadata updates and images get tagged automatically.
  • VPN Services: Now, no need to purchase third-party VPN services. ONPASSIVE provides secured online transactions and business activities with its in-house developed VPN application.

3. Improved Customer Interaction:

With the help of Shared Inbox, your customer support teams receive the capability to auto-assign emails, auto-tickets tagging, real-time progress tracking, and access to customer details for more personalized interaction.

Along with this, AI Chatbots are designed for improved customer interaction with the help of sequential programming that identifies customer issues and responds with pre-loaded answers, giving a feeling of human interaction with the customer.

4. Access to Target Audience:

AI solutions offered by the company works on a platform that stores a huge customer database. AI-driven advertisement tools allow you to create attractive tools designed with personalized content based on individual customer behavior, interests, demography, location, and previous interaction. Thus, it results in the delivery of relevant content to the customers based on buying behavior.

5. Guaranteed Web Traffic:

Once the AI tools create content for respective social media sites, the contents are auto-scheduled to post on these sites with catchy call-to-action links and buttons. ONPASSIVE’s TrimURL tool helps you shorten lengthy URLs, making them ready to share on social media sites that have restricted character limits for every post. Thus, it ensures more visibility and consistent traffic on your website.

These are some of the few tools offered under the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem. With these tools, any small business or a startup could achieve end-to-end automation resulting in data transparency, visibility to critical pain points, and future demands. Access to such information could help you define and alter your goals at any point in time. Businesses could remain technologically sound to stay competitive and productive.