AI integration

In today’s world, the possibility of encountering artificial intelligence is ever-present. It could be the data gathering tools on your cell phone to the smart technology in your home or workplace or even the vehicle that ferries you. AI is everywhere and only becoming ubiquitous.

Many people I know perceive the integration of artificial intelligence as the ‘rise of machines’ and is the start of some dystopian future. One of the most prevalent concerns about Artificial Intelligence initiatives is job security. But at ONPASSIVE, we would like to reassure that these fears are unfounded.

Artificial intelligence solutions like chatbots have unbelievable potential to relieve routine tasks from the employee’s burden, but they will not replace the skilled human efforts. Chatbots can open windows to greater possibilities.

Revolution of retail with Artificial Intelligence

Educate your employees:

The fear of technology stealing jobs is not new. Artificial intelligence is built and developed to work with humans, to ease work and improve efficiency, rather than to replace them entirely. Educating your employees on AI integration about what this step means for their jobs, and the business must be the primary step.

AI-enabled tools from ONPASSIVE can help show businesses and employees how chatbots will help them do their jobs. You could train employees about how chatbots take care of the most unpleasant parts of their careers and how to upgrade their average workday. It indeed goes a long way towards relieving their tech anxieties.

Enable the team:

Problem-solving capabilities are human’s forte. No amount of artificial intelligence can erase this fact. Employees can take upon more responsibilities for high-level tasks such as business strategy and critical thinking and still see new opportunities in their career paths. Enable them to handle escalation issues and similar jobs, and they will form the backbone upon which any organization or business bank on.

Prepare your employees to learn as much as they need to about Artificial Intelligence solutions like chatbots. Their passionate and earnest engagement with the change initiative at all business levels can negate the threat perspective of AIs.

Artificial Intelligence Revolution Of The Twentieth Century

Empower creativity and experimentation:

Once the AI integration of the Artificial Intelligence solution is complete, train your employees on how to use it. Afterwhich empower them to be as creative as they can get with bot usage. After all, it’s the employees that are responsible for successful bot integration and engagement.

Employees are an organization’s most valuable asset. Recognize them that way and treat them accordingly. Let them have the liberty of experimenting with AI technology. Create a forum for your employees to give feedback and submit recommendations. Propel your employees to take the lead in navigating your business or organization into the future.

In conclusion, AI still has a long way to go in dealing with people. In an age in which artificial intelligence has supplanted us as the cogs and gears in the engine of our business, we should value pursuits such as care, service and personal cultivation to strengthen a collective social project to show how man and machine can work together in harmony, augmenting business outcomes and our capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence: Unlocks The Gate of Possibilities