John White ONPASSIVE Community

To our loving community of ONPASSIVE Founders; we are Role Models for a change! We know that very soon, we will be leading the change for a better life for those who need Financial Assistance! A lot of us were attracted by the thought of making as much money as we can! But then something changed. Our hearts and minds shifted from our needs to the needs of others!  ONPASSIVE will make sure that all Founders are successful. ONPASSIVE will give us the freedom to do what is in our hearts! We will not let anyone or anything defeat us! ONPASSIVE will prevail! Countless lives hang in the balance!

 ONPASSIVE is the quiet storm that our competitors will not expect. They will not be able to out maneuver ONPASSIVE! We Are In It To Win It!! Let us as Founders never forget that we are Founders for Life!!! Thank you, Mr. Ash Mufareh, for never giving up on your dream of Lifting up humanity with your creation of ONPASSIVE!!