Glad to be Part of This Magnificent Group

Magnificent Group

Hi Founders!  Glad to be a part of this magnificent group of people that will be making a big change in the way business is taking place.  For right now, I need to know ‘what is the new link to send to new founders, if that is still what people are called when just coming in to the program’.  I would like to get this information to my people as soon as possible before the Soft Launch if possible.  Thank you much.  To Your Success,

Claudus Young-El

Onpassive Founder
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  • Avatar Kinnley Ben

    The New links have been posted already in each Founder’s Backoffice, under “Links.” You will no longer see a number at the end of your links, but instead a long string of letters and characters.

    9 months ago | 13 July, 2020 8:04 pm Reply

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